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What to Expect from Your Job Placement Advisor

Embarking on the adventure of teaching English abroad is an infinitely exciting prospect. We in the Job Placement Service can relate, as we’ve all done it before. And while we may not be teaching overseas currently, we live vicariously through our graduates by helping secure rewarding TEFL employment to our students. We love hearing about the great times people are having with the jobs we helped them find.

“The Job Placement Service at Oxford Seminars is by far the most professional, kind, and empathetic service I’ve ever had the honor of working with. Even when you are teaching abroad, the Placement Service at Oxford Seminars is still there for you, which is comforting to know that you are not alone. Also, they only place with schools that have a good reputation. You will easily find out how many disreputable schools are out there if you pursue a job without the Job Placement Service’s advice and expertise.” — Chad, graduate who taught in China

How Job Placement Advisors Can Help

As Chad describes, the Job Placement program ensures that you’re not alone, even if you are thousands of miles away from home. Thankfully, your personal Job Placement Advisors (JPAs) are there to answer any questions you may have and provide feedback based on their own experiences of successfully adapting to a new culture. In addition to having taught overseas and being able to assist with culture shock, we JPAs have many years of experience in helping graduates find the right job. We know the teaching markets inside out and can match you with best fit positions based on your education, experience and location preferences.

We’ve established partnerships with schools and agencies in over thirty countries on five continents. Our network of schools offers a multitude of types of positions including:

  • Short-term cultural exchanges and volunteer opportunities
  • Teaching assistants in public schools and kindergartens
  • Private language school instructors
  • Business English trainers
  • College and university lecturers

Getting Started

Once you’ve accessed your Job Placement Service, the first step to starting your job search is to submit your draft resume and cover letter for review. Your team of JPAs is expert in providing suggestions for improvement to ensure your application is as competitive as possible for international markets. As foreign schools and employers are looking for your application to include very specific criteria, the advice we provide can be the difference between scoring an interview, or your application being shuffled to the bottom of the pile.

When your application materials are finalized, we can introduce you to our partners. We’ve thoroughly researched all of our affiliated schools, having received feedback from numerous current and former teachers prior to working with them, to ensure they can provide a positive working environment for our graduates. We are in constant communication with our contacts and are aware of the openings they have at any given time. We are also able to send your application for  the jobs that require your credentials, making sure they fit your timeline as closely as possible. Without a doubt, working with JPAs is more effective and efficient than applying to random postings on job boards and sorting the good offers from the bad. It essentially takes the burden off you, so that you can focus on preparing for your adventure.

The JPA program is much more than editing documents and making introductions. Your JPA will also provide advice and job search tips on:

  • Keys to a successful interview
  • Contract review
  • What to prepare for your departure
  • Settling into your new environment

If you take the advice of your JPA, we’re confident we can set you up with suitable positions.

“After graduating from Oxford Seminars, I had job offers within two weeks to the countries I wanted to work. If you are uncertain about how to have your resume formatted, the Job Placement Service assists graduates with that as well. They also help prepare you for interviews so you what relevant information to have for when the interview commences.” — Chad, graduate who taught in China

Many of the people we’ve placed abroad are so pleased with the jobs they’ve found with the help of their advisor, they come back for second, third, fourth and sometimes fifth placements. See what they say here. After paying off loans or saving thousands in Korea, for example, some are ready to move to the sun and sand of Thailand. After gaining teaching experience in Colombia or Mexico, others are more prepared to apply to the more competitive markets of Chile.

As Oxford Seminars has been offering TESOL/TESL/TEFL training courses since 1992 and has over 5000 graduates per year, our certification is known throughout the world. Schools are contacting us weekly looking to hire the instructors we’ve trained. By trusting in Oxford Seminars and the Job Placement Service, you will receive not only valuable teacher training, but also timely feedback from your advisors with personal recommendations to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term cultural or linguistic sojourn, a few years of well-paying work abroad to pay down student debts, or a long-term career change, Job Placement Advisors are a terrific resource for getting there.

Written by Rowan Lomas

Rowan Lomas

Rowan Lomas has taught in Cuba, South Korea and online to Korean students. He has been assisting Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification course graduates in finding teaching jobs abroad as a member of the Job Placement Service since 2010. An Oxford Seminars graduate himself, Rowan has also earned a Master of Education degree and remains keenly interested in the field of international education.

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