Wish I Had Known About This Program Months Ago

"I wish I had known about this program months ago. I could have saved time and frustration finding the right course, at the right time, and a convenient place. Some in-class TESOL certificates take several months to complete. Other distance learning certificates take days and offer limited interaction between instructor and students. Oxford Seminars makes the best of both worlds; I can learn from my instructor and peers in the classroom for a portion of the course, and then complete the rest at my leisure online. I think this set-up will prove to help me achieve my goal to be prepared to teach English and go abroad as soon as possible. It's also an advantage that Oxford Seminars offers job placement assistance during and after your completion of the course."

- N. N., Washington, D.C.

Job Placement Service Sets Oxford Seminars Apart From The Rest

"The service made me feel like an individual and not just a number that Oxford had to help. The Job Placement Service is one of the aspects of Oxford Seminars that sets the company apart from the rest. My experience with the service was so wonderful that I would absolutely recommend Oxford to my friends and family. In fact, I already have. Thank you for all of your help, Oxford Seminars!"

- U. D., Winston-Salem, NC

Provided With a Wide Range of Opportunities

"After completing the certification's requirements and creating my resume, I met Rowan and we immediately began the job placement process. This was my favorite part of the process, prior to my arrival in Central America. The team of job placement advisers provided me with a wide range of opportunities; from private agencies teaching to board executives to non-profit organizations teaching to under-privileged children. I chose the latter, but before I made my commitment, fortunately I had a handful of options to choose from. With each interview, I felt better prepared to market my skills in the interview to come. Being a young man, still in college at the time, those experiences were priceless."

- T. P., Norfolk, VA

Job Placement Advisors Guide You Step By Step

"Excellent job placement advisors that will guide you step by step to find the perfect job for you. They will find the right overseas contacts at an expedient level. The recruitment process goes a lot smoother when you listen to your advisor. You are in good hands when you let them do their work."

- R. A., North York, Canada

Helpful Job Placement Service

"Oxford also has a placement service to help their graduates find positions overseas. We were pleasantly surprised at how helpful they were. They helped us with our resume, cover letter and essays to ensure we are sending in a polished copy. They also put us in touch with other recruiters to find us a position in the countries we had an interest in. The process was very quick and a bit overwhelming, but they were so helpful that it was manageable. Within one month, we had accepted a position in Korea and will start our new chapter in life."

- K. S., Edmonton, Canada

Interview Within 21-days of Completing Course

"If you want a Thrill of a lifetime, then I encourage you to stop wanting and start preparing. Within 21-days of successfully completing OXFORD SEMINARS, their awesome "Job Placement" helped me present myself professionally; helped me Secure my first job interview and helped me Review the legal and binding Contract before signing."

- J. M., Buffalo, NY

Excellent Job Placement Assistance Helped Secure Job

"I am pleased to report that I recently celebrated my six month anniversary teaching English in Taiwan. It has been a remarkable adventure! Thanks to the Oxford team for your excellent job placement assistance helping me secure my job at Noble American Children's School."

- C. P., Salt Lake City, UT

Placement Advisors are Wonderful!

"My placement advisors are WONDERFUL! I had lots of questions about everything and my team was great about getting back to me quickly. They provided knowledgeable and useful tips about how to best move forward with this new quest in my life. I finished the course in mid-August and by the end of August, I had several job offers. My advisors helped me to select the best fit for me and I will be in China teaching before the end of the year. I cannot thank the people of Oxford Seminars enough. They have helped me make a lifelong dream come true!"

- B. W., Lexington, KY

Amazing In Finding Great Placements

"Not only has Oxford Seminars been amazing in finding me great placements in the countries I chose, they make it so easy and simple. They always reply back as soon as possible, answer all questions and guild you through the process of what needs to be done. I always recommend Oxford to anyone who shows interest in teaching abroad."

- C. P., Regina, Canada

One of the best choices I have ever made

"Choosing to earn my TESL/TESOL/TEFL certification with Oxford Seminars, has been one of the best choices I have ever made. So great that I have to speak on the whole process: from receiving the information packet, to currently being in Guatemala. I would urge anyone on the fence about teaching abroad to, DO IT! And I would also, recommend Oxford Seminars as the company to help you make your dreams a reality."

- T. P., Norfolk, VA

Prepared for Teaching English Abroad

"Without Oxford, this overwhelming experience of applying overseas would have been very difficult and a lot more stressful."

- K. S., Edmonton, Canada

Helped Lifelong Dream Come True

"My advisors helped me to select the best fit for me and I will be in China teaching before the end of the year. I cannot thank the people of Oxford Seminars enough. They have helped me make a lifelong dream come true!"

- B. W., Lexington, KY

Job Search Assistance was Phenomenal

"Thanks again for all of your help and support during this process. I have recommended Oxford to many people who are interested in getting certified for ESL; because the training is great, but the job placement assistance is phenomenal."

- R. T., Pacifica, CA

Teaching Business English Important Element in Obtaining a Job

"Just this week, I accepted a job I found through networking with local residents of Istanbul. I have been hired to be a part of the core, four-person leadership team for the first (and only) English school dedicated to teach Aviation English to pilots and members of cabin and ground crews. I begin next Wednesday. My certification teaching Business English through Oxford was an important element of the qualifications that made me the final candidate. I am very happy with this position! Thank you for your support and advice as I've made this transition from 'visitor' to 'resident' with a job!"

- H.B., Midlothian, VA

Forever Loyal to Oxford Seminars

"The kind of service/courtesy I got from Oxford Seminars is worth more than what I paid for. I will forever be loyal to them and will talk highly of it to my friends who want to make change in their lives. I'm so fortunate to invest my money, time and effort with you guys and as always, I will make sure that I will be an asset to Oxford Seminars as well. In the future if there's a school that will hire me through Oxford Seminars - I will make sure the school will see me as an asset and I will make Oxford Seminars proud."

- M.P., Jersey City, NJ

Staff are an Incredible Resource

"You and your staff have been stellar in helping me get this far. I can't express how much I appreciate the fact that you are willing to assist me with further job searches. As I said, you and your staff are an incredible resource in cutting through the international and bureaucratic thicket of applying for international teaching jobs."

- M.L., Plymouth, MN

Oxford Seminars Helped Change My Life

"I was looking down the barrel of what was looking like another dull, drab office job. Office jobs are for some people, but if you got to this point, something tells me that you are looking for something different. Long story short, the experience that I had was the best experience I have ever had in my life. I signed up for Oxford Seminars Certification when I was looking for something different. Being surrounded by like-minded students and having teachers who loved to talk about their experiences who also had a passion for teaching was only the start of what I signed up for. I was already in a better place. One of the best parts about Oxford Seminars was the Placement Service. Oxford Seminars' Placement Service is very professional, punctual, and helpful. I had never applied for a job overseas but they helped get me in touch with a third-party recruiter in South Korea who helped me get a job teaching. When was the last time you were looking for a job where someone actually helped you with your resume, cover letter or how to speak to someone who is in, say, Thailand? I will tell you, this placement service does that. They put me at ease and in contact with people who would eventually get me something more than just a job. You could say that they helped change my life; had it not been for the Placement Service, I would ultimately not have taught at the school in South Korea, nor had the most life-changing experience that I have ever had. Oxford Seminars' Placement Service helped me get an entire experience. I have the pictures to prove it. Oh yeah, and I got paid for the experience!"

- A.S., Los Angeles, CA

Oxford Seminars Helped Me Achieve a Dream

"Oxford Seminars helped me achieve a dream. After studying Middle East culture and history in a classroom setting in the US, I wanted to live and work in the area for an extended period of time. Thanks to Oxford Seminars, I am living the dream. Oxford's program, teachers, and staff helped me in many ways that include gaining my teaching certification, assisting me on putting together an application package, introducing me to prospective employers, and advising me on various aspects regarding employment contracts. I have now been teaching English in Saudi Arabia for 9 months as well as traveling to other Middle Eastern countries when I can get away. I would not be here without Oxford Seminars and highly recommend them if you ever have had an interest in living and working abroad - Salam!"

- G.C., Louisville, KY

Well-Designed Course with Great Instructor

"The instructor made our class so informative and entertaining as well. She taught us all the key elements that our class needed to teach abroad, and made great use of every minute of our class. She made sure we were very well prepared from grammar and vocabulary to detailed lesson plans. She gave so many practical examples. I have been to many seminars and classes and this has been by far the most organized, informative, and well executed program I have attended. I feel very confident and ready to teach English abroad thanks to my instructor and Oxford Seminars. I will definitely refer all my friends and classmates to Oxford Seminars for their TESOL/TESL/TEFL classes."

- T.C., Milwaukee, WI

Great Experience and Instructor

"The experience I have gained from Oxford Seminars has helped me to fully understand the need for teachers abroad. They have helped me to gain experience and learn about different cultures. My instructor made me feel so comfortable about teaching overseas and I am ecstatic to have this opportunity."

- C. S., Leamington, Canada

Solid Course

"Through the specialized training I received from Oxford Seminars, I am now able to fulfill my ambition to teach English as a foreign language in Japan. The certification from Oxford Seminars has given me the necessary training to ensure these qualities can be put to use in teaching to any age or level of student. Additionally, I received the tools necessary to assist every student to feel they will meet their full potential. Thank you very much."

- Z.W., Los Angeles, CA
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