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TESOL/TESL/TEFL Course Details

Earn Your Certification with Our 100-hour Course

In-class Component
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Online Component
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In class and online component

  • This course is taught at a first-year college level.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • No degree is required to take the course.

$1,195 includes all course materials
Only $95 deposit needed to reserve your seat.

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The course price is $1,195

This includes:

  • Live-instructor led classes complemented by online study
  • 100-hour TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certificate
  • Personalized, unparalleled Job Placement Service
  • All course materials (valued at over $250)
A $95 deposit will reserve your seat, with balance due on the first day of the course.


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Paying for your course

Depending on your enrollment method, you can pay for your TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification in a variety of ways.
Payment Options

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Enroll Online
Enroll Online
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Enroll by phone
Enroll by Phone
Call 1-800-779-1779 toll free (Los Angeles area: 310-820-2359; New York area: 212-213-8978) and enroll with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).
Enroll by fax
Enroll by Fax
Download and print our course enrollment form. Complete this form and fax it along with payment details to 1-800-955-9950.
Enroll by mail
Enroll by Mail
Download and print our course enrollment form. Complete this form and mail it along with a check or money order (made payable to Oxford Seminars) to either address located at the bottom of the form.
Enroll in person
Enroll in Person
Enroll in person by attending a free Information Session and receive a complimentary ESL teaching resource. View upcoming Free Information Sessions to find a location near you.

Course Curriculum

From ESL warm-up games and classroom management techniques to second language acquisition and teaching English grammar, our course covers a comprehensive range of teaching skills ensuring our graduates are well-trained, marketable ESL teachers.

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Course/Materials/Assignments,
  • ESL Warm-Up Games and Exercises
  • ESL Icebreaker Activities
  • The Effective Learner
  • The Effective Teacher
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Your Classroom
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The first day of our course introduces teaching strategies and practices for effectively delivering content and material in an engaging, understandable, and memorable manner. Warm-up games and exercises are valuable lesson components to engage students, and ice-breaker activities help bring the class together to reduce shyness and inhibitions. The characteristics of effective teachers and learners are introduced as well as strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners in your classroom. Students will receive their course materials on this day.

Day 2

  • Introduction to Educational Theory
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Teaching Across Age and Proficiency Levels
  • Classroom Management Techniques
  • Lesson Planning
  • Living and Working Abroad
  • Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom
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The second day of our course covers the latest educational and language acquisition theories, in addition to the cultural and adaptive aspects of living and teaching in a new culture. ESL teachers abroad are often asked to teach across several proficiency levels, and many teach students of a wide range of ages, from children and adolescents to adults. These diverse learners require special attention when teachers plan lessons. Our course instructors cover approaches, techniques, and lesson planning strategies for teaching across age and proficiency levels.

Day 3

  • Teaching English Grammar
  • Sample Grammar Lessons
  • Teaching Vocabulary Techniques
  • Teaching Speaking and Listening
  • Teaching Reading
  • Long Term Unit Planning
  • International Trends in ESL Teaching
  • Effective Cross-Cultural Relations
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The third day of our course focuses on how to teach speaking, listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills to ESL students. Students of our course study important speaking and listening skills such as phonemic awareness, pace, stress, and accent. Grammar is often an area of concern for new ESL teachers, so special attention is paid to the structure and format of the language, both as a refresher for teachers and as an introduction to grammar teaching. The class also discusses instructor suggestions for creating interesting and effective communicative lessons and explores sample lessons for each language skill in detail.

Day 4

  • Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • Teaching Writing
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Teaching Idioms, Expressions, Phrasal Verbs, and Slang
  • Organizing the Teaching Workload
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Teaching in a Multicultural Setting
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The fourth day of the course covers intelligence and learning theories as well as continuing with the specific ESL skills taught on Day 3. Multiple Intelligence Theory is covered in detail along with suggestions for creating language lessons that appeal to diverse intelligences. We explore and discuss sample lessons for teaching writing and pronunciation. Expressions, slang, and idioms are difficult language skills to master, so our course instructors give tips for teaching these skills, as well as organizational skills to assist teachers in maintaining an effective learning environment in a culturally diverse classroom.

Day 5

  • Lesson Coordination When Team Teaching
  • Testing and Evaluating ESL Students
  • Finding ESL Teaching Jobs
  • Writing Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Job Interviews for Teaching Positions
  • Pre-Departure Planning, Culture Shock, and Adaptation
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The fifth day of the course delves into the process of finding an ESL teaching position abroad. Resume writing and interview skills can be different for ESL jobs than for other forms of employment, so our course instructors provide strategies for creating effective resumes and tips for presenting yourself well in interviews for ESL positions. Once an ESL teaching position is secured, teachers living abroad must adapt to living in a new culture. Culture shock is a part of every overseas teaching experience, so the class discusses tips and strategies for recognizing and adapting to it, as suggestions for preparation before you travel abroad.

Day 6

  • Teaching Practicums
  • Instructor Feedback and Peer Evaluations
  • Effective Use of ESL Teaching Resources and Activities
  • The Globalization of the Job Market
  • Finding and Using ESL Teaching Resources
  • Wrap-up/Important Questions
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The sixth and final day of the course allows you to put what you have learned into practice. Each student must create and deliver an effective and engaging ESL lesson to complete the course. Our experienced Course Instructors will give detailed feedback on your lesson and delivery. There are a wide range of ESL textbooks and resources available for you to make use of in your ESL classroom; criteria for identifying and evaluating quality resources and suggestions for where to find them are discussed. Time is also set aside to wrap up the course and answer any questions you may have about teaching and living abroad.

40-Hour Online Component

  • The Role of the Teacher
  • Applying Communicative Teaching Theory
  • Fundamentals of Language Acquisition
  • Creating Engaging and Educational Lesson Activities
  • Practicing Lesson and Unit Planning
  • Analysis of ESL Case Studies
  • Reviewing and Applying ESL Theories and Concepts
  • Comprehending Grammatical Structures
  • Common Grammatical Errors and Misconceptions
  • Teaching the Twelve Verb Tenses of English
  • Creative Grammar Activities to Stimulate Communication
  • Teaching Adverbs, Quantifiers, Gerunds, and Infinitives
  • Critical Evaluation of Grammar Lessons and Materials
  • Completion of a 100-Question Online Assignment
  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Your Classroom
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The online component builds upon the practice and theories developed during the in-class portion of the Oxford Seminars TESOL/TEFL/TESL Certification Course. Further developing these themes, the assignment will cover the role of the teacher within a communicative language classroom, along with practical considerations for effective and engaging lesson planning. The fundamentals of language acquisition, learning, and teaching are explored through case study analysis and an in-depth look at ESL theories and concepts. Grammar is the backbone of language; it provides the framework for communicative exchange. The online component delves into simple and complex grammatical structures, the twelve tenses of the English language, the parts of speech, as well as common grammatical errors and misconceptions. Through a critical evaluation of grammar resources and lessons, teachers will hone their understanding of English grammar and how to teach it through stimulating and engaging lessons, with a focus on the role of grammar in facilitating communication. The 100-question online assignment covers a wide range of teaching theory and is designed to promote continued learning and deeper understanding of English grammar and ESL teaching.
See our Terms and Conditions for further details. Upon completing our TESOL/TEFL/TESL Certification Course, students become eligible to take up to three Specialization Modules.

Course Materials

From teaching across age and proficiency levels to multiple intelligence theory and sample grammar lessons, our written materials reflect a comprehensive range of ESL knowledge and teaching expertise. As part of the extensive materials and resources included with our course, you will receive a comprehensive teaching textbook by Jeremy Harmer, our industry-leading 486-page training manual, a practical English grammar text, and our detailed course handbook. You will find these resources useful both during the course and in subsequent overseas teaching positions.

Harmer Cover

How to Teach English (w/DVD) by Jeremy Harmer

  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • ISBN: 978-1-405-85309-5
  • $49 value
  • Learn More…
    A practical guide for teachers who are at an early stage in their careers and for those studying to obtain their TESOL certification. This new edition, fully revised to reflect recent methodological developments, is divided into three parts: fundamentals in language acquisition (chapters 1-5), teaching language skills (chapters 6-9), and considerations in language management (chapters 10-14). It includes a new chapter on testing, a DVD with clips from actual classes demonstrating good teaching techniques, and a file of photocopiable training tasks.
    US_new Manual Covers_front

    Oxford Seminars TESOL/TEFL Certification Course Training Manual

  • Paperback: 486 pages
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-901268-8
  • $145 value
  • Learn More…
    A powerful reference manual for students to learn firsthand how to successfully teach English in multicultural settings and how to organize the teaching workload while enjoying their new surroundings. This industry-leading manual provides valuable insights into classroom management techniques, role-playing activities, lesson planning ideas, the role of the teacher, using one’s voice, effectively talking to students, and dealing with culture shock. A practical tool for both beginner as well as experienced teachers, this manual provides readers with a step-by-step guide for teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and much more.
    Grammar Sense 2

    Grammar Sense 2, Second Edition by Cheryl Pavlik (Author) and Susan Kesner Bland (Series Author)

  • Paperback: 424 pages
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • ISBN: 978-0-19-448913-3
  • $67 value
  • Learn More…
    Grammar Sense 2 recognizes that knowing how and when to use a grammatical structure is as important as knowing how to form it. This integrated skills textbook offers engaging readings, comprehensive grammar instruction, and extensive opportunity for practice, providing learners with a true understanding of how grammar is used in authentic contexts.
    TESOL 100-Hour Course Handbook

    Oxford Seminars 100-Hour Course Handbook

  • Paperback: 46 pages
  • Publisher: Oxford Seminars
  • Learn More…
    An in-depth, informative handbook to guide you on your journey from taking our course to teaching English abroad. This comprehensive handbook includes tips for how to succeed in our course, instructions for crafting engaging ESL resumes and cover letters, and effective interview strategies. It will also introduce you to the valuable resources provided through My Oxford Seminars and explain how you can connect with your personal job placement advisor to find an exciting teaching position abroad.

      "Our instructor was completely professional and honestly one of the best instructors I've had throughout the course of my entire educational history. She made me excited to come in and learn during the weekends after a full time job. She is an excellent teacher who taught us really well."
      - N. C., Los Angeles, CA

      The instructor was extremely engaging and experienced; he is a strong role model and his creativity inspired the class.
      - T.P., Atlanta, GA

      I enjoyed every aspect of my in class education. My instructor was very resourceful, knowledgeable and very helpful. He made the lessons fun and I have met and made friends with the other students in my course. I feel very prepared to teach ESL anywhere in the world. The skills learned in this course are not only resourceful for teaching ESL but are applicable to so many other areas of life. I would recommend this course not only to those hoping to get certification, but to anyone who is a trainer, public speaker, presenter or to any one who wishes to improve in these areas. I'm so happy that I took this course!
      - L.N., Houston, TX

      The instructor sharing her experiences made it easier to understand the subject matter.
      - W.N., Orlando, FL

      The pace of the course was wonderful, and the instructor did a great job of maintaining a comfortable environment.
      - S.H., Detroit, MI

      Our instructor was amazing. She knows the material, she is friendly and knowledgeable, and she has lots of relevant experience.
      - T.P., Kansas City, KS

      I thoroughly enjoyed the in-class portion. The online component was also valuable in providing flexibility to completing the course.
      - R.L., Houston, TX

      I sincerely appreciate our instructor's professional attitude and openness! Thank you!
      - P.L., Kissimmee, FL

      Having an instructor who went through the program herself and gave knowledge through her own experiences was probably the best insight and inspiration to engage and really want to teach English.
      - M.W., Monroe, MI

      After taking this course, I have a new found respect for teachers, and all of the behind-the-scenes work. Recommended!
      - I.W., Minneapolis, MN

      My instructor was excellent. He was a very effective teacher and was clearly enthusiastic about his role as an instructor, which was encouraging and motivating to see in action.
      - P.F., Houston, TX

      Our instructor was extremely well prepared and set a professional business tone from day one. She is THE student's teacher.
      - I.W., Palmyra, NY

      This course gives you the much needed exposure to what teaching English abroad really is.
      - R.D., Detroit, MI

      The instructor was very helpful and taught me many tips and ways to teach that I would never have thought of.
      - A.D., Atlanta, GA

      The pace of the course was wonderful, and the instructor did a great job of maintaining a comfortable environment.
      - T.N., Houston, TX

      Excellent instructor! Made the lesson plans exciting, and I was happy about going to class!
      - T.A., East Marion, NY

      The instructor was absolutely amazing! Available, knowledgeable, funny, extremely organized and well prepared - the kind of teacher that I aspire to be.
      - G.W., Richfield, NC

      The instructor provided great tips on how to teach different levels, and how to respond to students.
      - L.R., Athens, GA

      Our instructor didn't just teach what we should do - she taught by example.
      - A.C., Houston, TX

      I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced and it was very helpful in building confidence.
      - L.K., Riverhead, NY

      Our instructor was truly amazing. I feel blessed to have had her as a mentor; after her course I feel like I can actually do this. I am excited to share my progress in teaching with her, as I know she will always have wise words to guide me.
      - A.L., Rock Hill, SC

      Our instructor was a real asset. She is a very good teacher, experienced and great rapport with students.
      - T.C., Novato, CA

      The textbooks provided were very beneficial, the instructor was tactful, and thorough in every area of our study.
      - R.L., League City, TX

      Our instructor was well informed and made the classes interesting and worthwhile.
      - K.R., Augusta, GA

      The instructor used many motivating activities that we can also use as teachers in the future. She used the activities just like we would use them in our classroom, which was a good modeling strategy.
      - P.E., Hartford, CT

      I have no experience teaching at any level. This course gave me a great opportunity to practice and learn useful techniques. Recommended!
      - K.L., Oakland, CA

      Our instructor was great - knowledgeable, interactive, attentive and energetic!
      - C.P., Crockett, TX

      The instructor was absolutely perfect, professional, friendly, always on time, and ready to provide information and positive comments.
      - A.L., Manhattan, NY

      We went through many different aspects of teaching English, and our instructor had many personal stories that helped us comprehend the information.
      - T.F., Glastonbury, CT

      Our instructor was amazing, and truly talented at what she does. It was a great experience!
      - W.F., Coldwater, MI

      The instructor was amazing. Not only is he fun but I learned a lot without realizing that I'm learning. He gives tons of feedback and corrects students without making them feel awkward.
      - K.F., San Rafael, CA

      I found the instructor's approach and the classroom environment to be very encouraging. The lesson plans and presentations by fellow students were extremely useful.
      - W.V., Manhattan, NY

      The instructor went above and beyond my expectations. She made sure we were well connected. I am excited about the skills she has provided!
      - R.O., Bloomington, IN

      I truly felt that I learned how to effectively teach all styles of learners, in an engaging way.
      - E.K., Eureka, MI

      This is a great program for people who want to teach English as a second language.
      - R.V., Westport, OR

      "All around excellent instructor - patient, caring, intelligent, well-rounded and experienced. She believes in her students and truly making a difference through teaching English. Such a kind soul and she knows exactly what she's talking about."
      - P. E., New Brunswick, NJ

      The in class experience combined with instructor experience added an unexpected level of instruction that went above and beyond.
      - I.A., Martinsville, IN

      Great course materials and structure. Our instructor was one of the best I've ever had.
      - R.K., Montgomery, GA

      Our instructor was excellent all around and made the class interesting, fun, understandable, and useful.
      - P.F., Salem, OR

      "Our instructor was an excellent educator. She won me over at the Information Session. She was friendly and made this class fun. She was also reassuring for something that can feel quite scary."
      - P.Z., Waldo, FL

      Anyone who is seriously considering teaching overseas would benefit from this course.
      - T.K., Worthington, IN

      The instructor was perfectly prepared and organized.
      - I.A., Athens, GA

      "The fact that our instructor taught us skills through trial and error allowed the concepts to really stick with me. The course eased many of my ESL concerns. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in this course."
      - R.S., Greensboro, NC

      "Our instructor went above and beyond with every aspect and detail. She made a highly condensed course load feel very manageable."
      - K.B., St. Augustine, FL

      The interaction with others and the discussions about the nitty-gritty aspects of living in another culture were fabulous.
      - J.V., Ellettsville, IN

      "I can't compliment our instructor enough. Completely professional, informative, energetic, and engaging. Perfect balance between lecturing and participation."
      - M.H., Claypool, AZ

      "Our instructor was truly great. He managed to make every class fun, relaxed, and informative. His laid back style fostered a learning environment that encouraged student participation."
      - L.P., Danville, VA

      "Our instructor was an excellent and very honest resource. All of the textbooks were fantastic as well."
      - T.F., Jacksonville, FL

      "Our instructor was very detailed and understanding. She connected with her students and answered all questions asked of her. She went above and beyond to make sure all of our needs were met."
      - R.K., Manhattan, NY

      Our instructor was phenomenal, approachable, knowledgeable, and supportive. She was perfect!
      - W.H., Bloomington, IN

      "I found every aspect of the course useful. It really has taught me what I need to know to become a more useful and perfect teacher."
      - A.K., Black Canyon City, AZ

      "The instructor was very helpful and made me feel comfortable with my ability to teach English."
      - R.F., Springfield, MA

      "Our instructor was excellent, inspiring, and overall amazing. Would love to take another class!"
      - P.K., Lake City, FL

      The practicum was very empowering. By the end of this course, I felt much more confident in my teaching abilities than I did at the beginning.
      - P.D., Battle Creek, MI

      The course materials have a lot of great resources, information, lesson ideas, and techniques. I like the schedule of the classes - made it easy to attend as a working person.
      - T.A., Evanston, WY

      "The Oxford Seminars In-Class component was the best experience I've had with ESL certification."
      - M.M., San Marcos, TX

      "This course is far superior to the online-only option. People to people interaction is vital!"
      - F.P., Kingsland, GA

      I consider myself fortunate to have had the instructor that I did. Her personal experience as an ESL teacher, her talent as a people leader and her dedication to the profession made her an exemplary role model and standard bearer.
      - R.U., Grand Rapids, MI

      "I have never been a big fan of classrooms, but overall I feel like I improved as a teacher and an English speaker with this course."
      - R.S., Silver Creek, NY

      "Our instructor was experienced and used her expertise to keep the class engaged and learning throughout the entire lengthy curriculum."
      - P.H., Breckinridge, TX

      "I have always wanted to travel the world and I also enjoy helping others. When I came across Oxford Seminars, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! During the 100 hours, I have learned so much! Although I am a college graduate, my grammar skills were lacking but now I feel more comfortable with grammar."
      - O.F., Denville, NJ

      I went into this course thinking I knew what it took to be a teacher, but now I see all the different facets of teaching and now finally know what it takes to be a engaging and effective teacher.
      - F.A., Pinckney, MI

      The amount of hands-on experience we got with all aspects of teaching being used during our own learning process was great.
      - B.V. Appleton, WI

      The class was intensive but the instructor was really, really good. He had a great sense of humor, kept us engaged, provided excellent feedback and knew his material extremely well.
      - S.Y., Portsmouth, NH

      Our instructor was really great. He was a great model and example for how to keep the class engaged!
      - L.I., Reisterstown, MD

      "Everyday of the in class component was engaging and educational. I enjoyed the activities put together by our teacher and the material was presented very effectively."
      - G.H., Chelsea, MI

      The instructor did an excellent job using teaching methods and examples useful in ESL teaching itself to teach ESL vocabulary, skills, methodology, etc. Very well done!
      - D.E., Watertown, WI

      As a native speaker, it provided an excellent review of grammar; I learned some new things about the language! One of my friends is taking this class this month based on my recommendation. I feel that being certified in ESL will be very helpful in finding work.
      - J.C., Nashua, NH

      I enjoyed the wealth of knowledge across the multifaceted subject of teaching English abroad.
      - W.E., Sykesville, MD

      My gratitude to our instructor for her patience, guidance, and for sharing her teaching methodology. Many thanks for the lesson planning!
      - C.N., Celebration, FL

      I admittedly was a bit sceptical at first. However, the class was a great introduction and overview of the profession and skills needed to succeed. It very much put my mind at ease about everything from preparation to grammar skills needed to teach abroad.
      - C.P., Madison, WI

      Great and knowledgeable instructor! I like his teaching style, and the way he ran the course. I also appreciate that he shared his experiences with us.
      - T.O., Macon, GA

      This was an incredible experience, and provided great opportunities for teaching English abroad!
      - T.W., Pittsfield, MA

      Our instructor made the course not only fun, but fostered a 'safe' and comfortable environment to express ourselves.
      - P.M., Fort Collins, CO

      The opportunity to create my own lesson and receive feedback from the class and instructor was extremely valuable.
      - S.C., Sauk City, WI

      Our instructor was great and genuinely cared about his student's success, provided a lot of anecdotes and lessons from his own experiences.
      - A.S., Birmingham, AL

      The instructor was always kind and shared her own experiences. I appreciated that part very much, and I've learned so many things from my classmates, too!
      - A.T., Queensbury, NY

      The instructor was incredible. The class was full of information, and she really knows her stuff. She is simply fantastic!
      - O.F., Bellingham, WA

      We were lucky enough to be taught by someone with a huge amount of experience as an ESL instructor. That was most useful.
      - O.S., Evansville, WI

      "Our Instructor was clearly very knowledgeable about teaching ESL. He had some very useful information and anecdotes. He seemed very personable and willing to help."
      - C. F., League City, TX

      Our instructor was excellent. Friendly but focused, detailed but not boring, and really just a fabulous model of what an ESL teacher should be. I can only hope I can teach half as well as she did.
      - G.C., Saugerties, NY

      What a fantastic instructor! She provided engaging ways to learn and comprehend teaching ESL students. Not only is she high-spirited and energetic, but she comes with an abundance of knowledge.
      - L.R., Everett, WA

      "Great Instructor! He made us feel confident enough to go out and start teaching. Very helpful and informative. Really liked the honesty and real stories he shared!"
      - L. G., College Station, TX

      "Our Instructor contains a wealth of knowledge and experience that reflects great credit upon Oxford Seminars."
      - R. L., Spring, TX

      "I have recommended the course to my friends, but I have also recommended it to my four teenage children. To prepare for an exciting journey of teaching English overseas, the first step is to sign up for the Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL course! It is the best and only choice."
      - Z.K., Clifton, NJ

      "Our Instructor knows so much about teaching ESL, and I loved that she showed us a video so we could see and understand a real-live ESL learning group. I felt very comfortable learning in her class."
      - R. T., Mountville, PA

      "Our Instructor was amazing. A course like this with so many unknowns can be terrible or strikingly effective - and the Instructor is the key to this. She modelled flawless teaching technique for us to emulate. I learned more from watching her than from anything else in the course. She used the materials fully, and put her 'preaching' into a very engaging and thorough informative 'practice'. High marks!!"
      - M. J., Belmont, MA

      "It made me realize what students feel like and also gave me a lot of ideas and techniques to utilize."
      - Y.L., Montgomery, TX

      "I thoroughly enjoyed this course because it structures the teaching methods and provides examples to conduct a classroom environment. The instructor did a wonderful job at making the course engaging as well as informative."
      - S.H., Chapel Hill, NC

      "The classroom experience was awesome. This is actually why I chose Oxford Seminars!"
      - B. M., Perkasie, PA

      "I thought the Oxford manual was excellent, both practical and useful. The Instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining, which was not only good role modelling but also helped to maintain class focus."
      - P. Z., Framingham, MA

      "This course is very worthwhile for one's growth, and an opportunity for travel and character building."
      - L. K., Dallas, TX

      "My father, mother, and sister have all devoted their careers to teaching in the public schools of North Carolina. But your instructor totally expanded all of my preconceptions of 'teaching' and 'learning.' Language acquisition is the process for learning that I will employ with future students. I am excited about the challenge."
      - B.M., Chapel Hill, NC

      "The communicative method is great, it's the first time I was exposed to it. We really learned it and went over so much about teaching and have much more confidence."
      - M. V., Wilmington, DE

      "The Instructor's personal experiences and knowledge were used to give more relevance to what we learned."
      - A. P., Waldoboro, ME

      "Your service made all the difference in finding a suitable placement for me. I received three offers from universities in China by way of your extending my candidacy to your contacts. I felt the resume and cover letter tool was outstanding. Your guidance throughout the process made a world of difference. It is a big step to take, accepting a position abroad. For me, there is great value in the reassurance and confidence I gained, in knowing that Oxford has an ongoing working relationship with the recruitment agents I was put in contact with. I am excited about experiencing China. This opportunity is the perfect next step in my career development."
      - D.M., Syracuse, NY

      "After a 40-year career in higher education, I can say that my instructor was quite simply the best teacher I have ever had - or known. Supremely capable, reasonable, clear, and motivating!"
      - L.O., Newton, MA

      "The meeting of and learning experience with like minded individuals and the encouragement we gave one another."
      - M. S., Friendswood, TX

      "There was a lot of info to cover but the course was still thorough, and the instructor was clearly knowledgeable and comfortable explaining ESL."
      - B.L., Boca Raton, FL

      "The experiences that our instructor brought to the class were fantastic and the complete coverage of all different aspects we need to consider when teaching in another culture."
      - A.U., Daly City, CA

      "I enjoyed analysing how our Instructor taught us. It gave the class the perspective of being both a student and a teacher."
      - P. C., Dunstable, MA

      "The Instructor was a great encourager throughout the course. She was always open to answering all our questions about the material and she was a really useful resource."
      - L. K., Salt Lake City, UT

      "All of the course content was very useful but the teaching practice in particular was great."
      - P. G., Katy, TX

      Many strategies the instructor provided us with to deal with difficult situations in and outside the classroom were great!
      - P.C., Florida City, FL

      "I really appreciate the teaching materials provided. These will be life-long references."
      - A. L., Atlanta, GA

      "I'm so happy that I chose Oxford Seminars for my certification. I tell everyone that if they are interested in teaching abroad, Oxford Seminars is the way to go. Thank you so much for all of your help! I am very satisfied with your course and I am so glad that I decided to take this risk. I can't imagine what else I would be doing right now. I am one very satisfied customer! Thanks a million!"
      - B. F., Iowa City, IA

      "Frankly, the Instructor had a great library of reference material above the textbooks. This additional material will be most useful to me in the future."
      - L. S., Sugar Land, TX

      "Our Instructor is very engaging, knowledgeable and approachable!"
      - E. E., Orlando, FL

      "I would like to extend my appreciation for all of the resume, cover letter, and job search assistance that your department provided me. It was most helpful and enlightening. As a result of my certification with Oxford Seminars and your help, I have two ESL students within my own teaching practice. I have been operating my own tutoring service for two and a half years and currently have six students plus my ESL students. The teaching strategies and the excellent instruction that I received have been translated into my teaching practice. For that, I thank Oxford Seminars."
      - M.G., Port Dover, Canada

      "Not too fast, not too slow and a great experience to learn from!"
      - K. S., Shoreline, WA

      "I have recommended Oxford to many people who are interested in getting certified for ESL because the training is great and the job search assistance is phenomenal."
      - R.T., Pacifica, CA

      "Our Instructor was a very good teacher. He was refreshingly honest, kept everyone's interest, and had good presentation style and life experiences."
      - A. G., Richmond, TX

      "The instructor had a lot information to share and was easy going and approachable. This course was helpful, fun, and I feel one hundred times more prepared to live and teach abroad."
      - L. S., Portland, OR

      "The teacher was incredibly competent and made us a part of the learning process."
      - A. C., Seattle, WA

      "I enjoyed everything about this course! The instructor was very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable and taught us plenty of essential information. Because of her, I am even more excited about teaching ESL."
      - K.M., San Francisco, CA

      "It was extremely well organized and paced to get the greatest amount of content related to every aspect. Books were very good, and the Instructor was thorough - excellent delivery with dry humor. He inspired confidence immediately."
      - D. G., Bedford, TX

      "My instructor had a lot of knowledge and experience to draw from, which was wonderful. She was very personable and interesting."
      - T.J., Portland, OR

      "The instructor was amazing! If the teacher is on fire, the students are on fire...and I am on fire! She is truly a great mentor."
      - D. W., Seattle, WA

      "Outstanding instructor - she was highly experienced, well prepared, extremely approachable, A+! I could not imagine having a better instructor."
      - C.S., San Francisco, CA

      "The Instructor was able to learn from personal experience and the course does a great job of preparing students for teaching ESL!"
      - S. D., Grapevine, TX

      "Best educational experience I have ever had. Our instructor made a 9-6 class go by very quickly. Her teaching style made it seem like the class never fully got started because it was so engaging and never a boring lecture class."
      - I. W., Portland, OR

      "Thanks to Oxford Seminars for everything. This process has been quite detailed, and I can remember now why Oxford is so good with placing people. Oxford Seminars has been an incredible help to me."
      - A.R., Philadelphia, PA

      "I had a great time in this class. The instructor was able to teach without us realizing."
      - N. J., Seattle, WA

      "We had an awesome teacher for this course. His prior knowledge and experience were fascinating to learn about. He also taught us how to teach different methods by using them practically on us. He was very personable and friendly!"
      - K. D., Frisco, TX

      "Our instructor was a fantastic teacher with not only a lot of knowledge pertaining to teaching but also much worldly knowledge!"
      - P.G., Vancouver, OR

      "The instructor was very engaging - He's one of the best teachers I've ever had! He really challenged us and gave us ample opportunities for us to ask questions and come up with creative solutions. He really knows what he is talking about."
      - G.B., Philadelphia, PA

      "I found everything useful in this course, but especially the way in which our instructor presented the material honestly and with a strong enthusiasm. He also presented in a down to earth, real life manner, which I appreciated and felt encouraged by."
      - L.D., Seattle, WA

      "Having the Instructor implement and make us do daily presentations in front of the class was very helpful and put me in 'teacher mode'."
      - O. K., Burleson, TX

      "This course was very practical and the instructor was an impressive teacher. Her experience both in the US and abroad was very extensive and the knowledge she shared with us was relevant and extremely useful. I have more confidence to teach ESL abroad thanks to her."
      - A.D., Manhattan, NY

      "The instructor was accessible and generous with her time and careful and comprehensive in her preparation of different aspects of teaching ESL. She had such a great sense of humor and high intelligence. I hope to model my teaching style after hers."
      - R.K., Philadelphia, PA

      "Our instructor was not only extremely knowledgeable, she was inspirational, funny, patient, and thoughtful. I feel very lucky I had her as my ESL mentor."
      - A.D., Miramar, FL

      "Our Instructor kept the class fun and engaging! I enjoyed his method of teaching. He also did well administering enough breaks throughout the class time."
      - P. R., Grand Prairie, TX

      "I thought my instructor was excellent. Her combination of being a solidly experienced teacher and living overseas was perfect. The course was very practical as well as interesting."
      - S.M., Manhattan, NY

      "The instructor was wonderful. She did a great job of teaching us practical methods, giving us interaction time to practice, and making it fun. She is a very competent and engaging teacher."
      - A.S., Lansdale, PA

      "Our instructor was not only extremely knowledgeable, she was inspirational, funny, patient, and thoughtful. I feel very lucky I had her as my ESL mentor."
      - L. R., Miami, FL

      "I especially enjoyed the clarity of instruction, group dynamic, group activity, and knowledge of the teacher."
      - F.M., Los Angeles, CA

      "I found the practicum helpful, especially feedback from my peers and Instructor. I also found the teacher's anecdotes about living and working overseas beneficial."
      - D. L., Desoto, TX

      "Very experienced professor. I liked that she had many previous teaching experiences overseas. Very friendly."
      - C. J., Horsham, PA

      "I've recently found a placement at a school in Russia, and will soon be leaving to work there. Thank you for the input and assistance - I know it will come in handy in future job searches."
      - A.L., Lower Manhattan, NY

      "She was an excellent instructor. She made the course fun."
      - C.M., Grand Terrace, CA

      "Our Instructor was a good model of a knowledgeable, confident, flexible teacher. He used humor in appropriate ways and kept the class moving through many concepts."
      - R. M., Colleyville, TX

      "The instructor was great. She made learning practical as well as easy to follow. It helped that she shared her experiences openly with us."
      - A.S., Medina, OH

      "I learned more in three weekends than in my first year in college!"
      - T. J., Manhattan, NY

      "The teacher was very approachable and friendly with a lot of useful information. Thanks so much for everything!!"
      - C.J., Los Angeles, CA

      "The Instructor is very knowledgeable and handled the topics in a very excellent manner."
      - N. M., McKinney, TX

      "I like the price of this program, and I like the instructor's teaching style. She is very friendly, and it was very helpful for my career. I love this class!"
      - M.F., Grafton, OH

      "The various teaching methods were very useful for laying the groundwork for creating lessons and the overall philosophy of ESL teaching."
      - S.D., Detroit, MI

      "Speaking from personal experience, it's better and safer to find a job through Oxford Seminars than doing it on your own. I think that's good advice for new graduates."
      - T.R., New York City, NY

      "Very welcoming and knowledgeable! I loved being in this class and really feel prepared to teach abroad."
      - G.D., Los Angeles, CA

      "Thanks so much to Oxford Seminars! I am definitely recommending this course to anybody who will listen to me!"
      - E.D., Dallas , TX

      "The instructor was by far the best teacher I've ever had. She was very positive and upbeat. She made sure to include all teaching styles and used a hands-on approach."
      - D.G., Cleveland, OH

      "The instructor did a great job and I especially enjoyed her hands-on teaching style. She was a great instructor who had a lot of knowledge about teaching abroad."
      - K.B., Chicago, IL

      "I liked the teacher's personal anecdotes of teaching experiences."
      - K.Z., Long Beach, CA

      "What meant the most to me was hearing the teaching principles being taught and then see them put into practice right after you hear it."
      - J. P., Austin, TX

      "The instructor's experience, insight, motivational teaching and patience were inspirational. The materials used in the course were helpful guiding techniques for teaching ESL."
      - K. A., Cleveland, OH

      "In addition to semantics of language teaching, I found behavioral concerns of handling class situations very helpful."
      - D.C., Chicago, IL

      "The instructor continually stopped to invite any questions we had. He emphasized that no one should leave the course unsatisfied. I was very impressed."
      - B.S., Boston, MA

      "Our instructor was well prepared, had a wonderful grasp of teaching ESL, and good interpersonal skills with the students. Our class had 8 students, a good size for interaction. Because there was so much content in the material, we couldn't linger long on each; however, our instructor encouraged us to contact her if we needed more help. She chose portions of the books to focus on, giving the main ideas for that material. She was encouraging, well-organized, and yet kept good discipline. We loved it!"

      - J.S., Winter Park, FL

      "The in-class component of the certification was highly practical and applicable to in-class situations I've since experienced abroad. The small class setting of the 60 hour component gave each teacher ample individual attention and opportunity to make mistakes. Also, we covered the entire teacher's manual, which has been a strong foundation for my lesson planning and classroom management. By the end of the 3 week process, I felt prepared and confident that I could teach effectively in a class of rowdy 2nd graders."

      - T. P., Norfolk, VA

      "The course work and tempo of the materials are practical and fun. You will be required to work with two books. They are "How to Teach English" and TESOL/TEFL Certification Course Training Manual." You will be encouraged and guided to create interesting lesson plans. Oxford Seminars teaches the fundamentals on creating such lessons. My son and I took the course and were blown away at the sincerity of our instructor. He teaches TEFL at a major university. He taught us on creating the framework of lesson plans. He also gave our class advice on how we should interact with our future students. This would include insights on cross cultural aspect of teaching overseas. Another key factor of Oxford Seminars is their fantastic Job Placement Service. I was concerned about age related job discrimination. The kind people in this department offered me a list of schools that offer possibilities. They will direct you on where to find the most reliable English language schools. I offer my highest recommendation to Oxford Seminars."

      - W.M., Dallas, TX

      "A very down to earth and intense training course that is a lot of fun and educational. This course will definitely prepare you for the basics in teaching English as a second language."

      - R. A., North York, Canada

      "We took out TESL course with Oxford Seminars and we are really glad we did. The class was very informative and gave us a lot of resources that we could use overseas. Our teacher taught overseas as well and could give us examples of her experiences, which made the class even better."

      - K. S., Edmonton, Canada

      "I feel great about my placement. I am teaching in Northern Thailand...and am really enjoying it. Teaching the secondary students requires a lot of energy but I continue to gain more and more insight into teaching from this experience. I feel like Oxford Seminars did a great job preparing me for this and I continue to refer back to the books and notes that I have from the class. My instructor did such an excellent job preparing us and helping me gain the confidence I needed to walk into class my very first day. I have thought about the Oxford course a lot since I've been here and am so happy I signed up for it."

      - K.T., Seattle, WA

      "As a professor of history with over twenty five years teaching experience, I can attest unequivocally that Jeremy (my Oxford Seminars instructor) is a top-tier professional educator. Right from the beginning of the course, he exhibited the qualities I associate with the consummate instructor. First, it was evident that Jeremy had a clear sense of structure for the course. Everyone knew where we were going, what we were going to do, and how we were going to get there. I appreciate knowing up front the layout of the course. Second, he provided engaging warm-up activities that created class camaraderie, a vital aspect of the course given the daunting 9 hours/day schedule. Third, and most important in my view, was Jeremy's ability to "mix it up" providing a nice balance of instruction, activities, and teaching practice. The nine hours a day didn't even feel like one hour because he creatively juggled the various learning objectives of the course to maintain interest and momentum. Overall, I can't say enough good things about the methodology of this instructor. He practiced what he preached to us about how to be a successful ESL instructor. The story doesn't end there, however. It's one thing to be a conscientious, well-prepared instructor, but his personal characteristics further enhanced the course. His quick wit, his spot on voice and dialect imitations, and his theatrical flair made for intangibles that separate the good teacher from the truly outstanding ones, of whom I count Jeremy among the latter. In short, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in taking the Oxford Seminars course."

      - S.N., Willmar, MN

      "Oxford Seminars prepared me practically and mentally for the challenges of going overseas. The teaching practicum component of the course was a good experience and I gained much insight from my instructor who had taught in Japan. If you are looking for change, a challenge, and a great experience, then take the chance to travel and teach abroad. I have experienced so much in a short time and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that await me."

      - G.C., Toronto, Canada

      "Prior to taking the course I spent one year teaching oral English communication in Beijing. The students were mid-career analysts with a major Chinese company. Prior to that experience, I had very limited teaching experience of any kind, primarily teaching work-related courses during my thirty-plus years of public service employment. After the one year experience in China, I had made every teaching error, although the students succeeded in passing the end of the course test. My objective in taking the Oxford Seminars course was to gain insight which would assist in future overseas teaching assignments. After completing the in-class course... this objective has been met. The emphasis in the class was on lesson planning and the need to integrate each lesson within a larger set of classes. I appreciate that the emphasis in the practicum and the primary text was on teaching grammar. The practicum also allowed me to plan a class and practice techniques which addressed several of my perceived deficiencies after the Beijing experience. I feel that I am better prepared for future assignments because of the course. The Oxford training appears to be part of the evolution towards becoming a quality teacher."

      - K.A., Saskatoon, Canada

      "My teacher was phenomenal. Her lesson plans were direct and coherent. Her experience was evident from the moment she introduced herself. It was relaxed, but when she gave a critique, it was sharp and to the point. I was very impressed. I was in school full-time and needed the schedule they offered. They also guaranteed job placement assistance afterward and provided many great resources for finding positions as well as valuable warnings about what to look out for. With my Oxford Seminars certificate I secured a job teaching at a major state university in New York. I thought Oxford was great! I have recommended this program to about a dozen other students since I have taken the course."

      - S.T., Syracuse, NY

      "I found the Oxford course to be very helpful. I already had teaching experience, but no ESL experience, so I learned quite a bit about teaching ESL. Despite my prior teaching experience, Oxford made it clear from the time that I signed up that this course was oriented towards teaching overseas. I viewed taking this course as a relatively low-cost program that provided me with the necessary background and knowledge about teaching ESL that I could add to my prior teaching knowledge."

      - M.C., Toronto, Canada

      "I would recommend this course to others because it opens up tons of opportunities."
      - K.G., Rochester, NY

      "I absolutely adored our instructor. She was an amazing teacher! I wish she was one of my professors at university."
      - B.P., Winston-Salem, NC

      "The teacher's personality was very helpful to us as students, as she made the course easy to follow and understand."
      - M.H., Mount Pleasant, IL

      "The instructor was highly experienced, approachable, very helpful and top notch."
      - P.E., Boston, MA

      "This course truly inspired me to become an ESL teacher."
      - S.E., Stony Book, NY

      "Our instructor required that we give instruction, participate and present lessons throughout the course which encouraged us to build teaching skills and allowed everyone an opportunity to be involved."
      - G. R., Cincinnati, OH

      "The teacher was positive, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable."
      - A.C., Chicago, IL

      "Wonderfully dynamic teacher, excellent information, feedback and interaction, and a good group of people! I learned a lot from this course."
      - D.W., Boston, MA

      "My instructor is a very patient, understanding and caring teacher. She was willing to answer all and any questions and allowed for student input on all subjects. I would love to take another course with her as a my teacher"
      - A.G., Syracuse, NY

      "All of it was outstanding. I have been a language teacher for many years and I was very impressed with the methodology and skills of the instructor."
      - T. G., Berkeley, CA

      "The teacher made it look easy!"
      - H.B., Oak Lawn, IL

      "I thought that our instructor, as a resource, was incredibly useful. Since she has a fair amount of experience, she was able to very clearly answer questions about everything from skills and terminology to questions about culture, or other situational problems."
      - L. I., Cincinnati, OH

      "My instructor was very upbeat and passionate. She was knowledgeable and open-minded. She was a perfect example of what makes a good teacher - a great inspiration!"
      - L.G., Tucson, AZ

      "The Oxford Seminars course was recommended to me by my university professor. The course was well organized and enthusiastically and professionally instructed. The course materials, especially the manual, are very useful references. I also enjoyed how small the class size was."
      - N.L., Winston-Salem, NC

      "The course was so well planned and executed and the instructor had a lot of wonderful information."
      - R.D., Stony Brook, NY

      "This course was taught by an experienced instructor with a lot of practical and useful advice. The course was excellent for hands on materials and it was really beneficial to hear stories from different participants about their experience with teaching, traveling abroad, and working abroad; this really enriched the course."
      - T.D., New Brunswick, NJ

      "This course was very practical and helpful."
      - N.H., Tucson, AZ

      "This course was fun and interesting as well as challenging. Throughout the presentations I gathered a number of techniques that I will use in my future classrooms."
      - M.T., Reno, NV

      "The course was very informative and hands on. I couldn't imagine teaching without knowing this material."
      - T.O., Queens, NY

      "I really enjoyed the hands on teaching approach coupled with in depth discussion. The additional culture element and preparation guidance was also very beneficial."
      - A.J., New Brunswick, NJ

      "The instructor had great enthusiasm which gave me motivation to be a great teacher."
      - B.F., Phoenix, AZ

      "The interactive approach to the course helps a great deal in the learning process."
      - J.M., Reno, NV

      "The in-class instruction was amazingly helpful and the teacher was phenomenal."
      - S.P., Kansas City, MO

      "Oxford Seminars has valuable connections and good job placement."
      - D.F., Queens, NY

      "I especially enjoyed the practicum where we formulated a lesson plan, put it into action with an actual class, and received feedback to make improvements."

      - D.W., Phoenix, AZ

      "The mini-lessons were an excellent way to gain first-hand experience and feedback from fellow students with many different levels of experience."
      - E.G., East Lansing, MI

      "I chose this course because it is very practical, has knowledgeable instructors, and job placement assistance."
      - D.T., Kansas City, MO

      "I really enjoyed the small class sizes, the interaction with teachers and other students, and the discussion of real world application."
      - M.G., Amherst, MA

      "Getting feedback from the instructor and other students was a huge help. Watching others present also helped give me ideas about the way I might teach in the future."
      - R.O., College Park, MD

      "The instructor was phenomenal. She was dedicated to giving us the tools to become exceptional teachers. The course had great value for the intensive, useful, and dedicated instruction. This course was worth every penny and I will be recommending it to others."
      - K.G., East Lansing, MI

      "This is a very useful course. I learned so much and feel like I will be a much better teacher as a result."
      - L.B., Baton Rouge, LA

      "I found the whole course useful. But the best was hearing about the experiences of our teacher so we can have an idea of what to expect."
      - A.N., Louisville, KY

      "This course was a very pleasant and worthwhile experience all around. I especially enjoyed learning about culture shock and finding a job."
      - A.V., College Park, MD

      "I had a really great experience. I'm glad I took the course."
      - C.S., Des Moines, IA

      "This course took ESL beyond theory and let me practice my new skills. The feedback from the teacher was always precise, insightful, and encouraging. I would recommend this course because the instructor was fantastic and had a vast experience and knowledge base."
      - J.L., Baton Rouge, LA

      "This course gives you a lot of resources and confidence to succeed. The lesson planning ideas and grammar instruction were very helpful."
      - K.G., Louisville, KY

      "My instructor was so energetic and knowledgeable! She was full of advice and her teaching skills were so supportive. A wonderful course indeed."
      - L.B., Indianapolis, IN

      "I feel that I learned in this course what my education was missing to date."
      - H.R., Des Moines, IA

      "I have been to many seminars and classes and this has been by far the most organized, informative, and well executed program I have attended. I feel very confident and ready to teach English abroad thanks to my instructor and Oxford Seminars. I will definitely refer all my friends and classmates to Oxford Seminars for their TESOL/TESL/TEFL classes."
      - T.C., Milwaukee, WI

      "I enjoyed every part of the course. It's just outstanding. It provides an excellent source of information on TEFL. It's intensive, short and it is internationally recognized."
      - J.R., Norfolk, VA

      "I really enjoyed being active in class and learning from a teacher who has a huge amount of experience abroad and great knowledge in teaching."
      - D.E., Salt Lake City, UT

      "The course was very interactive and taught us a lot about being a facilitator, not a lecturer. The books used were great and included lots of helpful information."
      - A.D., San Antonio, TX

      "The instructor has been incredibly helpful, energetic, motivating and truly a pleasure to work with."
      - M.J., Milwaukee, WI

      "This three week intensive course is ideal for busy schedules. It is very useful in helping one prepare for a real life teaching profession."
      - J.S., Norfolk, VA

      "Having this quality of instructor really helped make the class easy to follow and fun. This has been one of the greatest opportunities that has ever been presented to me, so I would definitely recommend this course to others."
      - G.D., Salt Lake City, UT

      "I enjoyed everything about this course! The instructor was very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable and taught us plenty of essential information. Because of her, I am even more excited about teaching ESL."
      - S.B., San Antonio, TX

      "The instructor was amazing. She made us feel welcome and excited to be in class. She was super positive and was always encouraging. The textbooks were very useful and I will take them as references when I go abroad. This course was very beneficial and I really enjoyed it."
      - C.D., Milwaukee, WI

      "The instructor was amazing and engaged with the students. All aspects of the course were covered exceptionally well."
      - K.B., Nashville, TN

      "The books have a wealth of information that will be helpful beyond completion of the course."
      - D.F., Greenville, SC

      "I really liked the practicum, as it gave me a chance to feel what it is like to be in front of a classroom."
      - F.I., Providence, RI

      "The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and experience of teaching. He was very approachable, fair, and balanced - a joy to learn from."
      - A.L., Pittsburgh, PA

      "She must be the best teacher in the history of teaching."
      - A. H., Nashville, TN

      "This course was truly excellent! The training manual was extremely detailed, the study and review of course content was great, and the instructor was very sweet, professional, clear and direct."
      - A.V., Columbia, SC

      "The best investment I have ever made."
      - W.M., Providence, RI

      "Our instructor was personable, professional, and knowledgeable. She was passionate about teaching, her knowledge was infectious, and her experience was invaluable."
      - H.B., Pittsburgh, PA

      "She really went above and beyond and demonstrated what a great classroom should be like. She truly practiced what she preached."
      - R. H., Brownsville, TN

      "I would recommend this course to others because of its international recognition and practical application training."
      - M.M., Columbia, SC

      "The course schedule is reasonable, the materials are very helpful, and the small class size makes for good one-on-one contact."
      - J.J., Eugene, OR

      "This course changed the way I view teaching in a positive aspect. Our instructor is an amazing teacher. She is helpful, understanding, clear and most of all, passionate about the subject matter."
      - J.B., Norman, OK

      "She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was the best teacher that I could have hoped for."
      - K. P., Nashville, TN

      "This course was truly excellent! The training manual was extremely detailed, the study and review of course content was great, and the instructor was very sweet, professional, clear and direct."
      - A.V., Columbus, OH

      "The texts were great! The instructor was invaluable. My fellow classmates were also excellent resources."
      - A.S., Charlotte, NC

      "My instructor was fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable regarding the English language and grammar; she was also kind and very approachable. The course gives practical teaching skills and allows students to apply what they have learned. I would recommend this course to anyone."
      - L.L., Norman, OK

      "The course was fun and very educational."
      - S.H., Memphis, TN

      "I was very excited about the idea of teaching abroad before I took the course, but even more so after taking this course."
      - T.S., Columbus, OH

      "I wouldn't change a thing about the course. It was condensed and to the point."
      - N.P., Charlotte, NC

      "My teacher was full of great advice and his teaching method was not only effective in showing us the target language but also in displaying how experience is gained and how energy and motivation are key."
      - R.K., Las Vegas, NV

      "The resources are excellent; lots of practice opportunities, teacher demonstration, and positive teacher feedback."
      - M.D, St. Louis, MO

      "With the job market as low as it is right now, this is a great back-up plan. I learned a lot from my instructor. He cares about the meaning of a teacher and is strong with his approach. He possessed a strong knowledge of various ESL skills and cultural knowledge of many different countries."
      - M.B., Cincinnati, OH

      "Very engaging, bringing her experience and vast knowledge of English and linguistics to life."
      - R. O., Hopkins, MN

      "The course books had many great ideas and are really good reference books. My instructor was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of confidence and made sure we knew what to expect."
      - A.H., Las Vegas, NV

      "I really enjoyed the knowledge in the textbooks and the real world experience of our teacher."
      - G.J., St. Louis, MO

      "Our instructors wealth of experience was really beneficial. She brought valuable information to the class as well as great insights in teaching English."
      - C.R., Cincinnati, OH

      "We had an amazing instructor that had an answer to all of our questions. She was extremely patient."
      - R. D., Minneapolis, MN

      "Oxford Seminars has a reputable certification program with job search support, which is extremely valuable."
      - T.G., Ann Arbor, MI

      "The practicum was very helpful, as well as the manual was an excellent resource because it covers a variety of topics you will need in order to teach ESL."
      - A.M., Baltimore, MD

      "The quality of the material and instructor is excellent."
      - A.K., New Orleans, LA

      "The instructor was great. She made the long days enjoyable and had lots of experience to share with us."
      - M. S., Minneapolis, MN

      "Our teacher was very insightful and gave many recommendations to help us. I would definitely recommend this course to others."
      - R.D., Ann Arbor, MI

      "Our instructor was excellent. She had a great understanding of ESL and was really able to convey the material."
      - T. P., Carney, MD

      "The instructor's enthusiasm and knowledge made learning engaging and fun. I would recommend this course because it was very informative and comprehensive."
      - B.M., New Orleans, LA

      "The instructor was excellent; she allowed us lots of opportunities to teach others and provided lots of helpful feedback from her experience."
      - R. J., Edina, MN

      "We covered many practical skill areas, especially lesson planning, which was very useful. I chose this course over online classes because of the practicum and interaction."
      - T.Y., Lexington, KY

      "The instructor was awesome! Very friendly and approachable. She really knows her stuff and has a great range and depth of experience."
      - K. V., Baltimore, MD

      "Our teacher was an excellent instructor who has a very personable and had a very honest teaching style. She tells it like it is."
      - T.P., Iowa City, IA

      "The instructor kept the class interesting and lively. There was no down time, she always had an activity for us."
      - C. D., Covington, WA

      "I found the individual lesson presentations to be the most useful aspect of the course; it challenged my ability to teach and reaffirmed my belief that patience and approachability will stand one in good stead."
      - O. Diaz, Folsom, LA

      "I found my instructor to be extremely insightful. His personality is perfectly suited for this course."
      - E.G., Houston, TX

      "Our instructor was fantastic, honest, and helpful and had great stories to share."
      - A.J., Buffalo, NY

      "Even though I have experience in teaching, I still got a lot out of the training. I liked the way each activity we did was a form for an activity we could use in our classes! Our Instructor was wonderful!"
      - L. Yoon, East Providence, RI

      "The teacher was fantastic. She had so many life experiences to share and was very insightful."
      - N.K., Bloomington, IN

      "I found the practical experience we gained was most useful. We had plenty of opportunities to practice what we learned. I will never forget the wisdom taught to us in class."
      - D.G., Austin, TX

      "Our instructor was very approachable, passionate, and helpful. She made me enthusiastic and challenged us to be good teachers."
      - J.S., Buffalo, NY

      "Our Instructor is a really great teacher. He had a lot of knowledge in the field. His comments about teaching are really helpful."
      - C. Mellon, Barrington, RI

      "It is a recognized certificate and the course was enjoyable and informative."
      - A.C., Bloomington, IN

      "The instructor was very competent, resourceful and aware of the students' interests. He provided great examples from his own experiences and encouraged the same from others."
      - A.L., Austin, TX

      "All areas of the course brought out new ideas and different things I hadn't thought of before taking the course."
      - M.G., Buffalo, NY

      "For two eight-hour sessions a week, our Instructor moved the class along very well. I could tell that he's been teaching a long time and can express tips well. I never felt that our Instructor didn't know what he was talking about."
      - R. Proctor, Albion, RI

      "I learned a lot from this course, including important techniques, concepts and approaches to ESL teaching."
      - V.L., Evanston, IL

      "The instruction of the course was very informative and well organized. I now feel like I have the skills necessary to be a successful ESL teacher."
      - R.O., Austin, TX

      "An amazing instructor! He was knowledgeable, helpful, interesting, and funny. He really made the 9 - 6 class not only bearable, but fun."
      - N.W., Brooklyn, NY

      "This is probably the classiest course and company I've ever dealt with. Absolutely professional, personable, and incredibly prompt responses. They helped encourage me throughout the entire process. Not once did I feel frustrated when dealing with Oxford Seminars. I hope I get the pleasure to deal with people and companies of this caliber for the rest of my career."
      - J.M., Marietta, GA

      "The instructor was great! Her stories were invaluable."
      - E.B., Tampa Bay, FL

      "The instruction was great as well as the books we received. An overall great learning experience."
      - M.C., Austin, TX

      "This course was very hands on and time appropriate."
      - M.C., Washington, DC

      "My instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. His personal experiences and first-hand accounts were very beneficial. His grasp of grammar concepts was amazing."
      - J.G., Atlanta, GA

      "The instructor is a wonderful teacher with a lot of experience and a very welcoming personality. In short - she rocks! I would recommend this course because it was very thorough and precise."
      - L.A., St. Petersburg, FL

      "Excellent teacher: passionate and knowledgeable - she teaches from the heart."
      - S.L., New Haven, CT

      "Oxford Seminars offers a great method of teaching English and I've already told my friends about it."
      - N.J., Washington, DC

      "Our instructor clearly loved teaching and tried to convey as much of his experience and knowledge as possible. I have already recommended the course as it is quite useful in helping further one's desire to teach internationally."
      - T.E., Atlanta, GA

      "The course and the instructor met all of my expectations for preparing to teach ESL."
      - R.J., Orlando, FL

      "The course had a great atmosphere. I learned so much from a lot of positive material. This was a great opportunity."
      - D.F., New Haven, CT

      "The Oxford Seminars course was recommended to me by my university professor. The course was well organized and enthusiastically and professionally instructed. The course materials, especially the manual, are very useful references. I also enjoyed how small the class size was."
      - N.L., Washington, DC

      "This course was intense and rewarding, as well as stimulating and challenging. My instructor was the best teaching professional I've ever had the pleasure to meet - and this comes from a PhD student and instructor at the university level."
      - J.J., Denver, CO

      "The instructor knew her content well and her method of instruction was motivational and exciting."
      - S.H., Orlando, FL

      "I never taught before so the entire course was useful. I enjoyed the group work and daily activities. The course was very thorough."
      - M.J., Hartford, CT

      "This course made me feel confident and prepared to teach abroad and gave me excellent resources for the future."
      - L.G., Santa Cruz, CA

      "The work we did with lesson planning and classroom management was very eye-opening and helpful. My instructor had incredible experience in this field and is very generous in his knowledge. He was the best part of the course."
      - G.L., Denver, CO

      "The books are great sources, as well as the Course Handbook. I really enjoyed learning about the different techniques of teaching."
      - L.S., Jacksonville, FL

      "This course was informative, exciting, helpful, and a confidence booster. I feel so grateful to have this opportunity."
      - J.L., Jacksonville, FL

      "If you want to teach English, this course is a great way to go! The instructor was amazing and a great source of knowledge. His teaching is straightforward and easy to follow."
      - A.M., Boulder, CO

      "The materials in the course, as well as the chance to actually practice a lesson plan through the practicum, were extremely useful. The instructor had tons of experience and really helped put it all in perspective with personal experiences we could relate to."
      - D.T., Boulder, CO

      "This course was thorough, exciting, and challenging. This course really builds your confidence and gives you the tools for success."
      - R.P., Santa Barbara, CA

      "The course is very straightforward, clear, and convenient."
      - D.D., Santa Barbara, CA

      "The teacher was extremely engaging and offered years of experience overseas."
      - K.J., San Jose, CA

      "Our instructor had great advice and offered us his own personal lesson plan ideas. He was very generous."
      - R.L., San Diego, CA

      "The close interaction between us and the teacher will be very helpful in the future."
      - J.J., San Diego, CA

      "The teacher really showed he knew his stuff. He was always prepared, organized, very friendly, and didn't overpower his students. He was so enthusiastic and managed to keep a little bit of class fun. He was a great teacher and we all enjoyed him!"
      - P.R., Sacramento, CA

      "This was a very upbeat class and the instructor was on point all the way."
      - S.G., Sacramento, CA

      "The resources provided to us in the course were very helpful and the mini lessons we had to present were great! I really enjoyed this course."
      - V.C., Riverside, CA

      "Great and enthusiastic instruction with a very experienced instructor."
      - S.F., Northridge, CA

      "I enjoyed the instructors' experiences in the field, the handbook, and time of the class. I work full-time so it was very convenient for me."
      - L.V., Irvine, CA

      "Her enthusiasm and concern for her students is magnetic. She made the course come alive!"
      - W. D., Irvine, CA

      "We had a lot of fun as a class getting to know each other and learning together. I definitely felt like she prepared us well for teaching English abroad, because she put us in situations where we had to create and think for ourselves."
      - J. J., Irvine, CA

      "My instructor has inspired me to want to live and teach abroad and has given me lots of knowledge so that I feel I have a great foundation of grammar, teaching skills and confidence."
      - S. F., Irvine, CA

      "This is a great program for anyone who has plans to teach abroad."
      - M.C., Fullerton, CA

      "The instructor was very comprehensive, responsive to questions and pragmatic. The lessons learned in this course are priceless. I learned a lot and I will definitely recommend it to others."
      - B.H., Berkeley, CA

      "The information provided by Oxford Seminars is really helpful in starting out to enter this line of work."
      - C.M., Berkeley, CA

      "Our instructor was a great teacher, super supportive, and truly prepared us for becoming strong, effective teachers. I feel much more prepared after taking this course!"
      - J.D., Berkeley, CA

      "I very much enjoyed the course and look forward to recommending it to others."
      - R.C., Berkeley, CA

    Oxford Seminars: Money-Back Guarantee

    Oxford Seminars stands behind its TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course with a Money-Back Guarantee.

    Oxford Seminars is so confident in the TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification you will receive that if you follow the unique process outlined during the course and are not offered a job within six months of initializing your Job Placement Service, Oxford Seminars will gladly refund your tuition (subject to a $95 processing fee).

    Job Placement Service

    The Job Placement Service has assisted in finding employment for thousands of graduates. Some top overseas teaching destinations have included: Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Slovakia, Malaysia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Hong Kong.

    Qualification Terms

    • You must be a native English speaker and successfully complete the course.
    • You must actively seek employment (within six months of initializing the Job Placement Service) by submitting at least five letters of introduction/job applications to schools in each of a minimum of four different countries (for a total of 20 schools).

    How to Apply For a Refund

    1. Contact your Job Placement Advisor to inform them that you qualify for the Money-Back Guarantee.
    2. (a) Submit a copy of all 20 rejection letters (minimum of five each from at least four different countries); rejection letters to include the school name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, name of the school director, and name of the contact person in charge of hiring.  Include a copy of your resume and the cover letter used for these job applications.
      (b) Submit evidence that you responded to all partner schools/agencies to which your Job Placement Advisor has submitted your application, and which according to our records have attempted to contact you.  Additionally, you must have incorporated all Job Placement Advisor suggested edits to application materials and requested your application be sent to a minimum of 4 different countries in which you qualify to teach English.
    3. Send rejection letters, resume and cover letters, and all course materials, including textbooks, manuals, certificate, and tuition receipt, to Oxford Seminars.

    If you have any questions, contact your Job Placement Advisor.


    1. When will I receive my certificate?

    Once you have completed the 60-hour in-class component and the 40-hour online component of the course, you will receive your certificate.

    2. Can I teach in the US with my certificate?

    Oxford Seminars internationally recognized TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course is specifically designed to train teachers for ESL placements abroad. It is important to recognize that a Bachelor of Education is required to teach within most school boards in the United States and that many states have specific requirements that involve in-depth training that is “on par” with an education degree. Private ESL schools in the US assess certification along with experience when considering candidates. The best way for you to find out if you are qualified to teach in the United States is to research the qualifications of the state where you wish to teach to see if you meet those requirements. If you have a particular school that you are interested in, you should inquire at that school regarding their qualifications. For American ESL school contact information, including school websites, email addresses, and phone numbers, visit the United States section of the English Language Schools Directory.

    3. What do you mean by “Internationally Recognized” TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate?

    Regardless of your educational background, initial exposure to the professional field of TESOL/TESL/TEFL is essential to give you the confidence needed to succeed in academic ESL fields. Currently, there are no international standards for TESOL/TESL/TEFL qualifications as there is no international governing body for TESOL/TESL/TEFL Training Programs. Courses vary in content and contact hours in the classroom, with some (mostly online courses) having no in-class exposure. Certification is the formal recognition given to participants who have completed studies in training programs focusing on TESOL/TESL/TEFL, applied linguistics, studies in second language acquisition, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), ESL literacy, and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). All legitimate employers require teachers to be trained and certified. Thus, if you want a good job in the more competitive markets, you should take a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate training course. A recognized certificate is essential in the highly popular teaching locations. Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course is held throughout the US and Canada. Oxford Seminars graduates have successfully found placement since 1992. Employers in overseas schools have become familiar with Oxford Seminars high caliber teachers and often contact us looking for qualified ESL instructors. Employers have confidence that Oxford Seminars graduates have received practical, engaging, and authentic contemporary TESOL/TESL/TEFL training that has effectively prepared them for overseas ESL teaching positions. Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course is detailed, comprehensive, up-to-date, and effective. Oxford Seminars highly skilled Job Placement Advisors offer years of field experience to enable graduates of the course to be placed in one of the thousands of teaching positions in various locales around the world!

    4. What qualifications do I need to take this course?

    The Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL course is open to anyone who is: 18 years of age or older; a native speaker of English, or a non-native speaker with fluent English abilities; open-minded about living and working in a new environment.

    5. How do I enroll for the course?

    Visit the Locations and Dates page to choose a course that is most convenient for you. The course price of $1,195 includes all Course Materials, ESL Teaching Resources, full access to the English Language Schools Directory and Job Placement Service. Enroll anytime by phone, fax, mail, or by using our online enrollment process.

    6. What is covered in your TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course?

    During the course, you will be exposed to a variety of concepts which include: interactive language teaching, principles of second language acquisition, multiple intelligence theory, classroom management techniques, detailed lesson planning, long-term unit planning, how to teach oral communication skills, listening and comprehension strategies, creative ways to incorporate English grammar in a classroom setting, teaching across age and proficiency levels, teaching in a multicultural setting, testing and evaluating ESL students, and making effective use of ESL teaching materials and resources. This course will give you the practical techniques and the confidence to excel in teaching English as a second language abroad. For a more detailed description of Oxford Seminars course, view the Course Curriculum.

    7. Can I change my course enrollment if my schedule changes?

    If you are not able to attend the course in which you are enrolled, you can switch to another course prior to the first day of the class, as long as there is room in the desired course.

    8. When will I find out the location of my course?

    The location of the course is available approximately two weeks before the start of the course. You will receive location details by mail or email.

    9. Will I have to write a test during the course?

    On the final day of the in-class component, students are responsible for a practicum. In addition, the online component finishes with a 100-question multiple-choice assignment.

    10. What specialization modules do you offer?

    Oxford Seminars offers the choice of three modules:

  • Teaching TOEFL Preparation
  • Teaching English to Children
  • Teaching Business English
  • Each module is conveniently done online and is an additional 40 hours of teacher training.

    11. What specializations are best suited for which particular countries or regions abroad?

    While each specialization will provide you with tools that you can use regardless of where you decide to teach, some specializations are better suited to certain areas of the world. If you have prior business experience or are particularly interested in teaching adults in the business sector, Teaching Business English will assist you in accomplishing this goal. This specialization is particularly useful in many Latin American and European countries as well as in China and Japan. Teaching English to Children provides you with a better understanding of how to work with children and provides you with many teaching aids. Teaching monolingual children, though fun, can be a challenge. Since it is common for first time teachers to work with children, especially in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China; this can better provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to communicate and work with children. Teaching TOEFL Preparation; is a great specialization module if you are interested in teaching in Asia, particularly in Korea, China and Japan, especially if you are interested in private tutoring. This specialization is also a great way to refresh your grammar skills.

    12. Can I upgrade my TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification?

    After taking Oxford Seminars course you are eligible to upgrade your certification to up to 220 hours with Specialization Modules. Once you complete and pass a module, an updated certificate will be issued, showing the additional hours.

    13. Can I cancel my course enrollment?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment completely. The $95 deposit will be retained for any enrollments cancelled in the two-week period before the course start date.

    14. What happens if I cannot attend all six days?

    Successful completion is based on classroom attendance, understanding the course material, classroom participation, course assignments, the in-class practicum, and completion of the online component. Due to the amount of information covered each day of the course, attending all classes is extremely important and a leave-of-absence is not possible.

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