Applications & Admissions Workshops

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The applications and admissions process to college, be it for an undergraduate program or a graduate program, can be very daunting. It’s time to get the critical information you need to successfully navigate the entire admissions process.

What are admissions officers looking for? What are the most common mistakes that applicants too often make? What should go into a personal statement? What shouldn’t go into a personal statement? What types of reference letters can help your application? What pitfalls derail some applications?

At Oxford Seminars, we have been assisting students in getting into the college program of their choice for over 30 years. Let us share with you our decades of experience by attending one of our upcoming workshops.

College Applications & Admissions Workshop

  • What qualities are college admissions officers looking for
  • How visiting a college can improve your chances of being admitted
  • Learn more

Graduate Schools Applications & Admissions Workshop

  • How to get graduate schools to waive their application fees
  • What key points to focus on in your personal statement
  • Learn more

Law Schools Applications & Admissions Workshop

  • Why applying to law schools is a highly subjective process
  • How supplementary statements can improve your applications
  • Learn more

MBA Schools Applications & Admissions Workshop

  • Top ten most common mistakes in applying to MBA programs
  • Why real-world work experience matters for MBA applications
  • Learn more
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