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Your Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Your Guide to Teaching English Abroad

So you're planning on Teaching English Abroad. What do you bring with you to a country you’ve never been to before? There’s a lot involved in the decision to teach English abroad, and for some people, that can be a little stressful.  The first and most important rule is don't panic! Recruiting agencies are wonderful for shouldering the majority of ...

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What if I feel homesick while teaching English abroad?

What If I Feel Homesick While Teaching English Abroad?

Teaching abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences one can involve themselves in. It is the perfect way to experience a new culture, meet new people, and learn a new language all while having a support system of co-workers that become something of a family away from home. At some point, however, everyone gets a bit homesick. Even the ...

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Using English and German in an ESL Classroom

Using English And German In An ESL Classroom

In this video, Oxford Seminars instructor, Peter Connell, speaks about the confusing situation he ran into with his German students when he said the German word, "gesundheit", after a student sneezed. His high-level students were confused when he explained that English speakers often borrow words and phrases from other languages like German and use them in every day speech, ...

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How Teaching ESL Allowed Me To Travel Around The World

How Teaching ESL Allowed me to Travel Around the World

Thinking of teaching English abroad? Let me tell you how it enriched my life and opened me up to a world of travel. After completing a bachelor degree in music, I decided to travel to Japan to perform and teach instead of immediately immersing myself in graduate studies. I wanted to be absolutely certain about the field of work I ought to prepare to ...

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A View of Jeju Island in South Korea. My Life Teaching English in South Korea

A Snapshot of My Life in South Korea

Before teaching English in South Korea, I planned on blogging about my upcoming experiences. I contemplated blog names, looked at different hosting sites, checked out other travel blogs for inspiration, and vetted themes. Yet, when I arrived in South Korea I ended up writing only one blog post.  Yes! I wrote just one, measly blog post about my pre-departure ...

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Climbing Mt. Fuji, Why it should be on Your ESL Teaching Bucket List

My Journey to the Top of Mount Fuji

When you think of Tokyo, many things come to mind. The crowded trains, the "Shibuya Scramble", the pace of one of the world's largest cities and, of course, the sushi. When you think of Japan, there are many images that you might have. Bullet trains (shinkansen), outdoor hot springs (rotemburo) and, of course, cherry blossoms (sakura). For me, it ...

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Christmas in China_Main

Celebrating Christmas and the New Year in China

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday throughout the majority of English-speaking countries. However, some countries that do not speak English as their first language have begun to celebrate the commercial side of the holiday as well. Take China, for example. In the 8 years I worked there, it became more and more common to see people celebrating Christmas - even ...

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TEA Sports Fest_Main

Teaching English Abroad: The Remarkable School Sports Festival in Japan

 Japan was my first ESL teaching location, and as such, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Interestingly, new teachers abroad find that social activities are as much a part of the job description as teaching English. Not to belittle the obligatory dinner outings, field trips, and seasonal parties, but the school undōkai soon became my ...

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