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Video: An Unforgettable Experience as an Instructor in Korea

It’s not every day that one gets to experience North Korea on a personal level. As Oxford Seminars’ instructor Heidi Bundschoks explains in this video, she had many amazing experiences teaching ESL in South Korea for four years. But, hands down, her most memorable opportunity came when she got to visit North Korea on the inaugural cruise between the North and South Korean governments.

Bundschoks recalls that people from all over the world from journalists to adventure seekers were in attendance on this cruise. Due to the nature of where they were going, there were many rules, and unfortunately, those who did not follow them did not get to continue on the cruise.

Two events from the visit stick out vividly in Bundschoks’ mind. The first is of a young boy with no boots on walking across a stream in freezing winter temperatures. The second is learning that schools and other operations in North Korea only had electricity for a set amount of hours each day. Both these events have given Bundschoks an extreme appreciation for the amenities typically found in developed countries. Watch as she tells her experience in this video:

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