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Teaching ESL Over 50

Although the idea of teaching English abroad often conjures up images of young, recent university
graduates, there are many opportunities in the ESL world for mature, experienced teachers as well.

Latin America is a popular destination for older teachers, as countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and
Mexico – among others – warmly welcome teachers who can share their valuable experience in the

In Europe, our contacts in the Czech Republic, Russia, and Slovakia consider all qualified applicants
equally. If you currently reside in Germany, or have some German language ability, age is no obstacle for
our contacts in Stuttgart, Munich, and Lower Saxony.

If you’re considering teaching in Asia, several schools in Japan – once considered the ESL domain of
young, adventurous travelers – have opened their doors to qualified candidates of any age. In China, the
government maintains an age limit of 59 for issuing work visas, but many of our contacts welcome
applications right up to that limit. This applies to our online teaching contacts based in China as well, if
you’d prefer to teach from the comfort of home.

Outside of the “big 3” in Asia, we also have contacts in Cambodia (volunteer) and Taiwan with no age
restrictions, and qualified teachers between 40-59 years of age can apply for positions in Brunei,
Thailand, and Vietnam.


    • Marcia Ruth Bootsma
    • April 19, 2021

    How do I apply or get my resume to recruiters. I have been teaching in China for the past 4 years and need a new job placement

      • Oxford Seminars
      • April 20, 2021

      Hi Marcia,
      I have asked our Job Placement Service to reach out to you at your last known email address on file, but you can also contact our office by emailing info@oxfordseminars.com and we can get you in touch with a Job Placement Advisor.

    • Janet
    • May 29, 2021

    I am interested in doing temporary short term contracts, do you have any need for this?

      • Oxford Seminars
      • August 5, 2021

      Short-term contracts exist in many countries, especially in Latin America and Thailand. You can find more information about this on the Where You Can Teach pages on our website. Also consider attending one of our Free Information Sessions to learn more.

    • Dianna Damask
    • June 3, 2021

    Hi, I’m looking to test the waters of international ESL for a short term: 3 months. I have a TESOL certificate from Transworld Schools in San Francisco, and have been private tutoring ESL from the United States in person and now on zoom. I have a Master’s level degree, but not a teaching credential and just turned 50- although I can’t believe it, I skiied 12 days this winter season!

    Thank you for connecting with me to see if I can work with your services.


      • Oxford Seminars
      • August 5, 2021

      Congrats on getting 12 days of skiing in! Short-term contracts exist in many countries, especially in Latin America (typically volunteer for 3 months or less) and Thailand (one term is 4-5 months). You can find more information about this on the Where You Can Teach pages on our website. Also consider attending one of our Free Information Sessions to learn more.

    • Julia Thompson
    • August 12, 2021

    I am a “retired” seasoned Secondary ESL and AP English Literature teacher with certification in both in the State of Virginia that is active. I taught in a high school with students from 60 nations who spoke 33 language, a state-side university where the college population was all Korean, a Muslim high school, a Catholic high school, and I lectured one summer at Novosibirsk State University in Siberia.
    I am interested in returning to Siberia to teach summer sessions only and can pay my own way.
    Perhaps some help with housing (for my husband and me) would be nice. Other than that, I do not want pay. I am think of as early as June 2021. (We are both vaccinated and likely would travel in from the East vs. through Europe.
    I am especially interested in Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, and Kyzyl, Tuva, all in Siberia.
    How might your organization help?
    I am a graduate of The University of Virginia, The University of Richmond, and have done graduate work in English Literature at Oxford University and at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I have over 25 years of full-time teaching experience.

      • Oxford Seminars
      • October 13, 2021

      The Oxford Seminars Job Placement Service is available to all of our TESOL/TESL/TEFL course graduates. Contact a Course Advisor at 1-800-779-1779 to learn more about the course that we offer. Also consider attending one of our Free Information Sessions.

    • Ghalib Bardai
    • June 20, 2022


    I am 54 and would like to complete the program. I have a doctorate degree in the sciences.
    My question is: What are chances at my age to get suitable employment?


      • Oxford Seminars
      • August 31, 2022

      There are certainly teaching jobs in many countries for applicants under 60 years of age, and beyond. That is especially true in Latin America. Please call and speak with a Course Advisor at 1-888-225-2480 to learn more about popular teaching markets and the course that we offer.

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