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Quirky Facts About the Top 10 TESOL Countries

Do you like to travel? Becoming an ESL teacher and going to a different country can be fun and eye-opening. There are so many different and unique things to learn from each culture. We’ve compiled a few unique and often untold facts we think you’ll find interesting from the top 10 countries in which to teach English abroad.

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Quirky facts-01

Guess what? There are more quirky facts that you might be interested in, so check them out in our Quirky Facts about the Top TESOL Countries Part 2 and Part 3 infographics!


  1. This was very interesting, I never knew about my Tooth fairy of Spain!

    I was a teacher in Thailand and ive been thinking about where to do my next teaching experience.

    • Do you have any specific ideas for where you want to go next, Matthew?

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