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22 Breathtaking Views of Taiwan

Are you thinking about teaching English abroad in Taiwan? There is, of course, plenty of people hungry to learn the English language and culture. On the flip side, Taiwan offers a lot for potential teachers.  With five mountain ranges, four islands, and plenty of beaches, Taiwan has an abundance of natural beauty for you to explore. Here are a few photographs to whet your appetite, and possibly make your decision easier:

1. Kinmen Archipelago, Taiwan

Kinmen Archipelago, Taiwan

 2. Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung

 3. Heart-shaped Fish Trap in Penghu County, Taiwan

The double-heart shape fish trap is the most beautiful landscape/construction of Penghu county, Taiwan. by Kovis Lo from Flickr

Photo from Kovis Lo on Flickr

 4. Mt. Hehuan

Mt. Hehuan by Allen Hsu on Flickr

Photo by Allen Hsu on Flickr

 5. Bridge in Shongshan District, Taiwan

Harper's Bridge. This is a pedestrian bridge in the Shianshan distric in Taiwan (about a 2 hour train ride from Taipei). By Michael Chen on Flickr

Photo by Michael Chen on Flickr

 6. Baoan Temple, Taipei

Baoan Temple, Taipei by Daniel Aguilera Sanchez

Photo by Daniel Aguilera Sanchez on Flickr

 7. Street food market in Kenting, Taiwan

Street food market, Taiwan , Kenting

 8. Hualien, Taiwan

Beautiful Cliff in Hualien, Taiwan

 9. Jinguashi in Taipei, Taiwan

Jinguashi in Taipei, Tawain

 10. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Monkey in Shoushan, Monkey Mountain in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan

 11. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

 12. Juifen, Taipei, Taiwan

Juifen, Taipei Street Food at night

 13. Juifen, Taiwan

JIUFEN, TAIWAN - JULY 14: Shoppers and tourists stroll along Jiufen old street alley in Taiwan July 14, 2013. Previously a gold-mining town, Jiufen has now become a popular tourist haunt for its nostalgic scenery.

 14. Jiufen, Taipei

Taiwan Night Street Food Market, Jiufen, Taipei,

 15. Chiag Kai-shek Memorial Hall Park (Liberty Square)

Chiag Kai-shek Memorial Hall Park (Liberty Square)

 16. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei at night

 17. Taiwam Hualien Taroko National Park

Taiwam Hualien Taroko National Park

 18. Mt. Yushan

Mt Yushan

 19.Chiang Kai-shek

Chiang Kai-shek

 20. Green Bamboo Forest in Taiwan

Green Bamboo Forest

 21. Neidong Waterfall, Taipei

Neidong Waterfall, Taipei. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin on Flickr

Photo by Kah-Wai Lin on Flickr

 22. Hehuanshan

Hehuanshan. Photo by Mark Kao on Flickr

Photo by Mark Kao on Flickr

As you can see, Taiwan is truly a beautiful place. The above pictures are just a sampling of what Taiwan holds. The country serves as a great location for teachers.
If you would like more information on the ESL program for Taiwan, check out our brief overview.

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