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Opportunities teaching English abroad with a master's degree

Opportunities Teaching English Abroad with a Master’s Degree

You wanted to do something different and off the beaten path after college so you decided to teach English abroad. Your plan was to spend a year in South Korea working at a language school while paying off some debt. It sounded both fun and practical and would be a pleasant way to spend time until you returned to your ...

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Top ESL teaching destinations hiring this year

The Top ESL Teaching Destinations Hiring this year

Many people decide to make the leap from living in their home country to teaching and traveling abroad. Teaching English abroad is a fascinating journey of adventure and self-exploration. The opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture is something that should be embraced with enthusiasm and vigor. However, you may not know exactly where and when you should look for ...

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3 Key Attributes for Living and Teaching English Abroad

3 Key Attributes For Living & Teaching English Abroad

There are many articles out there about what it takes to be an ESL teacher, how to prepare for your journey overseas, and other aspects. These are important things to research to help you navigate the often complex pathways to your final destination. You may have also read about teachers dealing with culture shock abroad. Culture shock is completely normal and not ...

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Living in Luxury in Dubai

Living in Luxury as we Travel in Dubai

Now that we have completed our journey through South East Asia, we've arrived in our next travel destination: Dubai! Dubai is amazing. The enormous buildings, the desert sand, and the beautiful coastline... actually, amazing is an understatement. As we travel in Dubai, we quickly see that the city is magical, like some sort of fantasy land, a surreal playground for ...

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Mostly Smooth Sailing in Cambodia

Mostly Smooth Sailing in Cambodia

Our adventures traveling, relaxing, and sailing in Cambodia have been fantastic, just like the rest of our trip throughout South East Asia. But, every once in a while travel plans can hit a snag, just as they did when we were getting ready to leave the island of Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. We had our tickets in hand as we approached the ...

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Visiting Angkor Wat as we travel and teach ESL

Visiting Angkor Wat As We Travel and Teach ESL

When people think of Cambodia, their minds usually gravitate to one of two things: the hellacious history of the Killing Fields or the spiritual splendor of Angkor Wat. After experiencing the gut wrenching stories of Cambodia's dark time during Pol Pot's reign, we continued our adventure teaching English and traveling abroad and ventured into Siem Reap, Cambodia's most heavily ...

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Magda & Brent Explore Cambodia

Magda & Brent Explore Cambodia – Mondulkiri Elephant Sanctuary

When we arrived in Cambodia, we had three major stops we wanted to make. The first was Mondulkiri Elephant Sanctuary. Mondulkiri is the easternmost province of Cambodia. It's filled with lush jungle and rolling hills, and we were told it was a bit cooler than the rest of the country, but we didn't really notice the drop from a balmy ...

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