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What's It Like Living in Japan as an ESL Teacher?

What’s It Like Living in Japan as an ESL Teacher?

“If there is an ideal time to visit Kyoto, it’s early April. With the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the city takes on an otherworldly persona. Despite the throngs of visitors, which provide continuous people-watching opportunity, there is a sense of calm, stillness, and peace as you pause to marvel at the exquisiteness of the cherry blossom, a shape ...

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4 tips for saving money while teaching in South Korea

4 Tips for Saving Money While Teaching in South Korea

Teaching English abroad is a great way to save some money and pay off those crippling student loans. If you’re looking at jobs in South Korea, most schools offer contracts that pay rent for you (unless otherwise specified, for whatever extenuating circumstances), so one of the largest bills back home is suddenly relieved. Another thing that becomes much less of ...

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Do I need to know a foreign language to teach overseas?

Do I Need to Know a Foreign Language to Teach Overseas?

You have completed your TESOL course, fine tuned your grammar, and have finally chosen the country where your adventure begins. You feel ready to teach English overseas. Your life is about to change dramatically, and you will grow in ways you cannot imagine.  However, before you take this next step, and seamlessly flow into your new life, you must ...

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Teaching English overseas

How Teaching Abroad Opened Career Doors at Home

When I made the choice to leave a successful but stressful job and get a TESOL certification, I didn’t have a long-term plan. I expected to go teach overseas for a few years, and see if it was right for me. I wanted to get paid to travel and help people, and I have successfully done that for almost ...

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Teach English in Laos

How We Got to Teach English to Monks in Laos

An Unexpected Opportunity to Teach English in Laos After our harrowing escape from the jungle tree house during the Gibbon Experience zipline adventure, we returned to Huay Xai for one more night before heading for Thailand. On the zipline trip, we shared our treehouses with two French travelers who had stayed in Huay Xai for a few nights earlier. ...

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What is it like living in Taiwan?

What is it like living in Taiwan Teaching English?

Discover why Taiwan is known as Ilha Formosa meaning ‘beautiful island’. From the hustle and bustle of Taipei to the beaches and tropical mountainous regions, Taiwan is a small country worth exploring. The cultural and religious hybrid of the island makes this a unique destination. Taiwan's economy consists of both smaller businesses and international manufacturing companies, making it a stable economic environment ...

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What is it like living in Thailand?

What is it Like Living in Thailand as an ESL Teacher?

Thailand, the “Land of Smiles,” is a great destination for ESL teachers who want to teach abroad and experience a country that’s rich in history, famous for its culinary arts, and replete with vacation destinations. Most ESL teaching positions here are in Bangkok, a beautiful and busy metropolis famous for its floating markets, spectacular sights, and delicious food. On ...

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What is it like living in Spain?

What is it Like Living in Spain as an ESL Teacher?

“In Spain I’d visited Tarragona with its Roman amphitheater and Merida, with its preserved theater…Of course, Barcelona had much to offer with its location near mountains and on the sea.  Sitges, a gorgeous beach town, was half an hour away, and I hiked many of the mountains in the Pyrenees…I will always be grateful for the opportunities I had ...

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How to Move Your Family Abroad

How to Move Your Family Abroad

Our daughters were still very young. Lara just finished kindergarten and Lisa was ready for third grade.  Both went to school a few blocks from our home and would be starting classes in a couple of weeks.  It was mid-August in Southern California.  Late that night, I got a phone call from the business manager of a school in ...

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