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Children in Saudi Arabia in a single-sex classroom

Living & Teaching ESL in Saudi Arabia as a Foreign Woman

As a woman, when I tell people about my experiences teaching ESL in Saudi Arabia, the question they always ask is “Did you have to cover your face?” They are surprised when I tell them that I didn’t have to cover my hair, let alone my face, though sometimes I chose to cover both. Wearing an Abaya I lived ...

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3 Key Attributes for Living and Teaching English Abroad

3 Key Attributes For Living & Teaching English Abroad

There are many articles out there about what it takes to be an ESL teacher, how to prepare for your journey overseas, and other aspects. These are important things to research to help you navigate the often complex pathways to your final destination. You may have also read about teachers dealing with culture shock abroad. Culture shock is completely normal and not ...

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What if I feel homesick while teaching English abroad?

What If I Feel Homesick While Teaching English Abroad?

Teaching abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences one can involve themselves in. It is the perfect way to experience a new culture, meet new people, and learn a new language all while having a support system of co-workers that become something of a family away from home. At some point, however, everyone gets a bit homesick. Even the ...

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Culture Shock Video_Main

Video: The Realities of Culture Shock & What to Do about Them

Teaching abroad has amazing potential to changes lives. Living among different people, learning their traditions and speaking their language can expand horizons like nothing else. Growth most often involves challenges, and as our instructor Corinne Toffan explains, culture shock is one of them. Culture shock isn't a unique phenomenon - it happens to everyone. From one of our instructors ...

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