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How People Celebrate Christmas Around the World

Dating? KFC? How People Celebrate Christmas Around the World

In North America the Holiday Season often evokes images of Christmas, Hanukkah, and other religious traditions, as well as presents, food, and time off work. But Christmas and other holiday festivities are not limited to North America. Cultures around the world celebrate Christmas and many other holidays as well. Some cultures have been celebrating longer than North America has, ...

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Cambodian Christmas_Main

Cambodian Christmas: Teaching in Asia over the Holidays

Working abroad has its many perks, one being that traveling is a little more accessible and affordable due to proximity to many other countries in comparison to back home in the Western part of the world. While away in Korea, my goal was to take full advantage of the time I’d be away from home for travel and new ...

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Christmas in China_Main

Celebrating Christmas and the New Year in China

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday throughout the majority of English-speaking countries. However, some countries that do not speak English as their first language have begun to celebrate the commercial side of the holiday as well. Take China, for example. In the 8 years I worked there, it became more and more common to see people celebrating Christmas - even ...

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