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Jobs That Take You around the World (Infographic)

Are you on the lookout for an international job but aren’t sure about what’s out there? From the military to journalists, and of course, our personal favorite of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), there are multiple opportunities available. However, they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, how can you know what’s best for you? While that’s a personal decision you’ll have to make, we wanted to try to make your process easier by creating an infographic detailing the pros and cons of many popular jobs that take you abroad. Let us know how this helps by commenting below.

Teaching English Can Take You Around the World


    • Dewayne Snidley
    • August 1, 2015

    Two words: Merchant Marine. Civilian jobs working on commercial ships, working 6 months out of the year, excellent paying jobs and traveling to all the corners of the world. Responsible for much of the worlds trade as we know it. Transport of full containers of various items, automobiles and oil to name a few. Humanitarian missions are also conducted delivering food to poor countries in need. Oxford of all places should be very aware of the merchant fleet seeing as how they are essentially located on part of a giant island. Very disappointed that these jobs were not mentioned.

    • Thank you for the details and descriptions, Dewayne. Our categories were broad so this specific area wasn’t on our radar. If we decide to do a follow up, we’ll incorporate it and possibly reach out to you for more information. Thanks again!

  1. The Department of State has hundreds of job opportunities listed on their website, and with more than 250 embassies around the world, there are plenty of opportunities for travel.

  2. Thanks so much!Yes It was a whirlwind world tour I’m happy to hear that you love the city. It never ceaess to surprise anyone!My kids were the reason why I went to work everyday and they were my little teachers too trust me.Knowing that I helped them grow, learn and created a difference in their lives made it all worthwhile!Have an great year and I look forward to follow your adventures in Scandinavia. I dream of going there All the best to you and yours!K

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