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In their Own Words

In Their Own Words: Why I Chose To Teach English Abroad

Are you on the fence about teaching English abroad? It can be intimidating and exciting all at once, maybe even a little overwhelming. And that’s understandable because it’s a pretty big decision to make. But, as our graduates explain, it’s worth it!

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made

Teaching has been something I’ve wanted to do since my senior year of high school, but I also wanted to travel the world while I was still young. When I came across Oxford Seminars, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but choosing to teach English overseas with Oxford seminars has been one of the best choices I’ve made.

It doesn’t require perfect grade averages. Instead, it’s just people who want the same as you – to work and travel at the same time. Not only has Oxford Seminars been amazing in finding me great placements in the countries I chose, they also make it easy and simple. They always reply back as soon as possible, answer all questions and guide you through the process of what needs to be done. I always recommend Oxford to anyone who shows interest in teaching abroad. The in-class sessions are informative and helpful as well.

Moving to another country is never easy, especially when you’re alone. But, Oxford Seminars helped me feel prepared, making my first experience teaching English in Thailand a great success. The weather, the people, the scenery and especially my Thai students and Thai teachers were absolutely amazing. It is the perfect place to go if you are new at teaching abroad. It’s a laid back lifestyle and culture that you cannot find anywhere else.

As a result of my positive experience, going back to Thailand is a must for me. If you’re thinking of visiting or being placed there, know it will give you an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Due to my first experience going so well with Oxford, I have chosen to go on a second placement to Spain. I have no doubts this will be a another amazing journey made possible by Oxford Seminars.

-Chasity Peigan


It’s an Amazing Opportunity

Teaching English abroad is an amazing opportunity to meet people just like yourself.  I never felt like I fit in at home and had so many different life dreams compared to everyone else.  While teaching English in Mexico, I have met more people like myself and have made so many amazing and close friends.  We continue to travel together and want to pursue other opportunities to teach English in more countries together. Overall, I have realized that all the dreams I have are normal and that there are so many people in this world that are just like me.

-Kara Willmer


So Many Fun Things to Do

I went to Slovakia to teach English. The few words I knew in German, and the even fewer Polish words I knew didn’t prepare me to communicate like a native Slovak speaker. Even during the most anxious of situations, when I smiled long enough to have the smile returned, boundaries and obstacles almost disappeared.

There were so many fun things to do in Slovakia, from enjoying the free summer concerts in the City centers to taking hot air balloon rides. I even became an honorary Baroness after my first balloon ride! Ice hockey is a very popular sport in Slovakia, and I had the privilege of meeting one of their favorite sons, Marian Hossa from the Chicago Blackhawks.

There were so many interesting places to easily travel to, and no town or village is without its own castle and legend. The legend of the Castle Trencin involves a man who was in love with a woman. The man spent seven years digging for water in the rock beneath the castle. On the day the man discovered water, he and the woman married. That well is still on the castle grounds. Those looking for love sometimes toss coins into the well asking the spirit of the man and woman to help them find love too.

Like many of the other European countries, the history and politics of Slovakia is complicated. My students shared stories of family heroes and family tragedies. I saw monuments dedicated to the people who suffered and memorials dedicated to the liberators.

When I returned to America, friends asked me what the people of Slovakia were like. I told my friends that the people of Slovakia are no different than people living anywhere else. Their fears and joys, their concerns and problems are the same as yours and mine. And just like Americans, Slovaks love to smile.

-Katherine Menges


It’s Been a Liberating Experience

Choosing to earn my TESL/TESOL/TEFL certification with Oxford Seminars has been one of the best choices  I have ever made. It’s so great that I have to speak on the whole process from receiving the information packet to currently being in Guatemala. The in-class component of the certification was highly practical and applicable to in-class situations I’ve since experienced abroad. The small class setting of the 60-hour component gave each teacher ample individual attention as well.  Also, we covered the entire teacher’s manual, which has been a strong foundation for my lesson planning and classroom management.

By the end of the three week process, I felt prepared and confident that I could teach effectively in a class of rowdy 2nd graders. After completing the certification’s requirements and creating my resume, I immediately began the job search process. This was my favorite part of the process, prior to my arrival in Central America. The team of job search advisors provided me with a wide range of opportunities from private agencies teaching to board executives to non-profit organizations teaching to under-privileged children. I chose the latter but am thankful for the options. With each interview, I felt better prepared to market my skills. In the end, I was put in contact with the Ninos de Guatemala program in Antigua, Guatemala… and the rest is history.

Having been here for a month, I can honestly say, I am having the time of my life. I leave the school everyday feeling grateful, accomplished and tired.  I have seen and experienced things in the short time I’ve been here that otherwise would have been impossible to experience sitting in a cubicle. My Spanish is developing daily and much of that credit goes to my students and the family I am living with. The people are beautiful and have an equally beautiful culture. I teach the students a few classes a week, but I am learning so much more from them. Since I had not experienced any other culture other than my own, I only had the opinions of others to form my perspective of the world. But now, I have seen with my own eyes. I have not experienced any form of culture shock but have found it a liberating experience. I would urge anyone on the fence about teaching abroad to DO IT! And I would also recommend Oxford Seminars as the company to help you make your dreams a reality.

-Terry Peden

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