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Video: What Does It Take to Be an ESL Teacher?

Are you considering a life of teaching English abroad but are concerned you don’t have what it takes? In this video, Oxford Seminars instructor Paul Workman discusses the various personality traits most successful ESL teachers possess. Take a look as Workman explains his experience:

Are you adventurous? If you’re even contemplating a life abroad, you’ve probably got this trait covered. Digging deeper though, Workman explains that being adventurous also means being open to new ideas. The people that are willing to try new foods and participate in community events in their new homes do really well traveling and living abroad.

What’s more, the travel aspect of being an ESL teacher often attracts newcomers, but over time, many find that teaching strikes a special cord as well. According to Workman, friends and colleagues that adopted an adventurous and open-minded mentality began with a year-long contract but, in some cases, ended up staying for much longer. He has a couple of friends that stayed in Japan after their contracts ended and started their own businesses!

On the contrary, others may go abroad for a year and have great experiences but are ready to leave after their contract ends. The tenure for an ESL teacher really just depends on each individual and how he or she adjusts to the new environment.

Do you have the traits needed to be an ESL teacher? If so, then sign up to take our TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification course today! Learn more about how Oxford Seminars can help here or request a free Course Guide from our website or call 1-800-779-1779 for even more information.

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