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Teaching ESL Without a Bachelor’s Degree

Having a Bachelor’s Degree opens many doors in the ESL world, but even without one, traveling the
world to teach English as a second language is still possible!

Those open to volunteer opportunities are able to gain valuable teaching experience in Colombia, Costa
Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Cambodia, Tanzania (for female teachers), and more, as well as short-term
opportunities right here in North America.

In Latin America, our contacts in Brazil and Mexico prefer degree holders or current post-secondary
students; however, they will consider all applicants that otherwise qualify. In Ecuador, teaching
experience or an Associate’s Degree are all you need to apply.

In Asia, we have one contact in China, that offers paid internships to those without a degree. If you hold
a 2-year college diploma or associate’s degree, you’re eligible to apply in Taiwan, currently one of the
highest-paying ESL markets.

Opportunities available in Europe include the Czech Republic and Spain (under 35 years of age).

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