TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Courses
in Los Angeles, CA

Oxford Seminars is the leading provider of TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification courses in Los Angeles, CA. Get certified and join thousands of our graduates teaching English all around the world.

Oxford Seminars Los Angeles course
held live via Zoom  
Course Details
Course held over 3 weekends:
May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
9am to 6pm
Course #4321

Oxford Seminars Los Angeles course
Course Details
Course held over 3 weekends:
May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
9am to 6pm
Course #4229

Oxford Seminars Los Angeles course
held live via Zoom  
Course Details
Course held over 3 weekends:
June 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
9am to 6pm
Course #4325
Enroll by May 11
& Save $100!

Oxford Seminars Los Angeles course
held live via Zoom  
Course Details
Course held over 3 weekends:
July 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
9am to 6pm
Course #4430
Enroll by Jun 15
& Save $100!

Oxford Seminars Los Angeles course
Course Details
Course held over 3 weekends:
July 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28
9am to 6pm
Course #4338
Enroll by Jun 15
& Save $100!

Oxford Seminars Los Angeles course
held live via Zoom  
Course Details
Course held over 3 weekends:
Aug. 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25
9am to 6pm
Course #4434
Enroll by Jul 13
& Save $100!

Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification courses in Los Angeles, CA. are usually held at California State University, Los Angeles 5151 State University Drive Los Angeles, CA 90032 (This course is not affiliated with Cal State LA). To enroll by phone, call 1-888-225-2480.

School districts interested in group discounts, contact Valerie at 1-888-225-2480.

Course Reviews

    I couldn't be happier with the commitment, enthusiasm and expertise of my instructor.
    - S.B., Pacific Palisades, CA
    Very thorough, good value for money and good guarantee.
    - L.R., Moreno Valley, CA
    Wonderful teacher, communicative, encouraging, helpful.
    - N.B., Pasedena, CA
    It teaches useable skills not just in ESL but teaching in general.
    - P.S., Alhambra, CA
    Practical, low cost, great course books.
    - H.S., Pasedena, CA
    Enjoyed the course, the lessons, the exercises, the practicum, and my course mates very much. High value.
    - I.W., Los Angeles, CA
    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. There's a lot to cover, but if you're serious about your goals and have an interest in teaching and being abroad I feel this course was an excellent prep.
    - P.B., Winnetka, CA
    Our instructor was very engaging and was a perfect model of how any ESL teacher should conduct themselves in a classroom.
    - T.C., Carson, CA
    I was very happy with the in-class component of the class. The instructor was excellent. I enjoyed her style and teaching methods very much. I learned so much from the class. I am very happy that I took the course. It is not very often that people enjoy a class as much as my classmates and I enjoyed this class.
    - P.V., Los Angeles, CA
    I did not know what to expect really in the course. The course however, exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal even though I am a teacher and have taught different levels and ages. The instructor was excellent, very organized, very knowledgeable, and kept the pace very well. The time went by quickly. I also made good friends in the class and we have maintained the friendships since then. Overall, it was an excellent experience and program for teaching ESL and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning the skills to teach English abroad.
    - E.F., Brea, CA
    There is a wonderful use of different styles of teaching techniques used in ESL classrooms; great level of academic study of pedagogy.
    - M.O., Los Angeles, CA
    The instructor was able to deliver a dynamic presentation that brought the course to life.
    - G.N., San Bernardino, CA
    Our instructor was excellent. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and has a great teaching style.
    - N.P., Los Angeles, CA
    There is a great benefit to this course because you learn to teach different age groups, ESL levels, and you have a practicum lesson.
    - P.A., Lancaster, CA
    Our instructor was amazing! Great sense of energy and keeping us motivated. I really enjoyed her teaching style and my fellow classmates.
    - A.P., Los Angeles, CA
    "I especially enjoyed the clarity of instruction, group dynamic, group activity, and knowledge of the teacher."
    - F.M., Los Angeles, CA
    "She was an excellent instructor. She made the course fun."
    - C.M., Grand Terrace, CA
    "The teacher was very approachable and friendly with a lot of useful information. Thanks so much for everything!!"
    - C.J., Los Angeles, CA
    "Very welcoming and knowledgeable! I loved being in this class and really feel prepared to teach abroad."
    - G.D., Los Angeles, CA
    "I liked the teacher's personal anecdotes of teaching experiences."
    - K.Z., Long Beach, CA
    Our instructor was very well prepared. I learned a lot about teaching various components of ESL. The learning games were tremendous.
    - R.L., Glendale, CA
    The practicum was a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with teaching. I also really loved that it was a small class size so we all had an opportunity to present more.
    - P.V., Santa Clarita, CA
    Our instructor was a wealth of knowledge, amazingly organized daily lesson structures, which flow smoothly between contents. She continuously reinforces contacting her with questions outside class structure, in addition to reinforcing the course book materials and the subject. She had excessively strong objectives and is kind and encouraging to students, evenly, without favouritisms. She is a keeper for Oxford Seminars!
    - A.H., Palmdale, CA
    "He is a very good teacher, so intelligent and friendly, his style and approachability are very good. I really enjoyed his classes."
    - R.P., Thousand Oaks, CA
    "Great and enthusiastic instruction with a very experienced instructor."
    - S.F., Northridge, CA
    This course is very helpful and extremely informative for people without teaching experience.
    - D.W., Irvine, CA
    Our instructor was very professional, all countries accept my new certificate, and the I can use job placement for life!
    - Y.N., Irvine, CA
    I found the grammar section to be extremely useful!
    - F.L., Laguna Hills, CA
    Oxford Seminars is awesome.
    - A.N., Westminster, CA
    "My instructor has inspired me to want to live and teach abroad and has given me lots of knowledge so that I feel I have a great foundation of grammar, teaching skills and confidence."
    - S. F., Irvine, CA
    "We had a lot of fun as a class getting to know each other and learning together. I definitely felt like she prepared us well for teaching English abroad, because she put us in situations where we had to create and think for ourselves."
    - J. J., Irvine, CA
    "Her enthusiasm and concern for her students is magnetic. She made the course come alive!"
    - W. D., Irvine, CA
    "I enjoyed the instructors' experiences in the field, the handbook, and time of the class. I work full-time so it was very convenient for me."
    - L.V., Irvine, CA
    "Great course, great instructor. Can't wait to begin this new journey with Oxford Seminars."
    - C.P., Anaheim, CA
    "I found the instructor's stories of experiences abroad very useful. She often had a personal example for every possible situation."
    - E.P., Sleepy Hollow, CA
    "This is a great program for anyone who has plans to teach abroad."
    - M.C., Fullerton, CA
    Enrolled in TEFL, loved it, got married, received my certificate in my new name, and moved to Korea with my military husband. Basically, I'm very excited to teach in this amazing chapter of life.
    - C.R., Buena Park, CA
    Our instructor provided great examples of how to set up and run a class, and gave advice on many different situations.
    - G.A., Ontario, CA
    The resources and materials were very useful. We were also given supplement tools and tips on how to deal with problems and be successful.
    - M.M., Chino, CA
    The atmosphere was incredible. I enjoyed how quick and easy going it was. The information given was informative and easy to understand.
    - J.S., City of Industry, CA
    Our instructor was the best. She kept our attention for duration, and her examples were engaging.
    - O.W., Fullerton, CA
    Oxford Seminars was the best option for me, and I enjoyed having a hybrid experience: face to face and online.
    - K.L., Victorville, CA
    I learned a lot of theory and practice attending the face to face meeting. The teacher was very knowledgeable and professional.
    - N.M.P, Hemet, CA
    "The practicum feedback was the most useful. Doing the practicum made us apply class materials and assess our abilities."
    - C.C., Menifree, CA
    "You learn so much! I knew I'd love the course from the first session."
    - T.R., Hemet, CA
    "Our instructor was very kind and knowledgeable - personal anecdotes alone made learning so much more engaging and applicable to real life."
    - O.D., San Bernardino, CA
    "The resources provided to us in the course were very helpful and the mini lessons we had to present were great! I really enjoyed this course."
    - V.C., Riverside, CA
    "The course is very straightforward, clear, and convenient."
    - D.D., Santa Barbara, CA
    "This course was thorough, exciting, and challenging. This course really builds your confidence and gives you the tools for success."
    - R.P., Santa Barbara, CA
    "The real world experience was great. Our instructor was able to explain something and then back it up with a personal experience and any issues that may come from it."
    - D.P., Lompoc, CA
    "This was such an amazing class! I feel like we built a family and learned together."
    - T.D., Solvang, CA
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May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19
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