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Berlitz Cincinnati
7840 Cooper Road, Village Corner
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242
United States
Phone: 1 513 381 4650
School ID: 21701
Last Updated: 05-22-2009
Cherry Grove - Huntington Learning Center
454 Ohio Pike
Cherry Grove Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45255
United States
Phone: 1-800-226-5327
School ID: 63743
Last Updated: 04-22-2012
Conversa Language Center
817 Main Street, 6th Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
United States
Phone: 1 513 651 5679
Fax: 1 513 665 3792
School ID: 18447
Last Updated: 05-22-2009
English for Life
4100 Executive Park Dr., Suite 10
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45241
United States
Phone: 1 513 772 2005
School ID: 3748
Last Updated: 05-22-2009
Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development
3254 E. Kemper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45241-1581
United States
Phone: 513-771-8925
School ID: 44339
Last Updated: 12-21-2010
Harpers Point - Huntington Learning Center
11309 Montgomery Road
Harper's Station Shopping Center
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45249
United States
Phone: 1-800-226-5327
School ID: 63745
Last Updated: 04-22-2012
International Language Plus
9403 Kenwood Road, Suite A-203
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242
United States
Phone: 1 513 791 9293
Fax: 1 513 791 0540
School ID: 19522
Last Updated: 05-22-2009
University of Cincinnati - Center for English as a Second Langua
University of Cincinnati
610 Teachers College
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45221-0022
United States
Phone: 1 513 556 3590
School ID: 13656
Last Updated: 11-03-2011
University of Cincinnatti - Center for English as a Second Langu
2600 Clifton Ave.
610Q Teachers College
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45221
United States
Phone: 513-556-3590
School ID: 116867
Last Updated: 05-14-2016
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Center for ESL
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45207-2511
United States
Phone: 1 513 745 2842
Fax: 1 513 745 3844
School ID: 5329
Last Updated: 05-22-2009

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*Please note that certain positions require additional qualifications and credentials that are non-negotiable due to specific country legislation.