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Academie Ste. Cecile International School
925 Cousineau Road
Windsor, Ontario, N9G1V8
Phone: 1 519 969 1291
Fax: 1 519 969 7953
School ID: 10605
Last Updated: 10-03-2011
Advance English Academy
1501 Howard Ave
Windsor, Ontario, N8X 3T5
Phone: (226) 246-9693
School ID: 74607
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Benson School
1556 Wyandotte St. W.
Windsor, Ontario, N9B 1H5
Phone: (519) 253-1694
School ID: 45992
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Dougall School
811 Dougall Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, N9A4R2
Phone: 519-254-4389
Fax: 519-254-4757
School ID: 45994
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Eastwood School
3555 Forrest Glade Dr.
Windsor, Ontario, N8R 1X8
Phone: 519-735-6087
Fax: 519-735-6663
School ID: 46002
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
English As A Second Language Newcomer Reception Centre
443 Ouellette Ave Unit C
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 4J2
Phone: 5199856333 x5901
Fax: 5199856393
School ID: 45988
Last Updated: 12-05-2011
English Testing Centre
3615 Walker Rd
Windsor, Ontario, N8W 3S6
Phone: (819) 809-3414
School ID: 45550
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
F. W. Begley Public School
1093 Assumption St
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 3C5
Phone: (519) 254-3217
Fax: 519-254-3515
School ID: 45996
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Mason Educational Centre
284 Cameron Ave.
Windsor, Ontario
Phone: (519) 253-5006
Fax: 5192530053
School ID: 45485
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Prince Edward School
949 Giles Street East
Windsor, Ontario, N9A4G2
Phone: (519) 253-1119
Fax: (519) 253-1609
School ID: 45999
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Riverside Secondary School
8465 Jerome St.
Windsor, Ontario, N8S1W8
Phone: 5199484116
Fax: 519-948-5559
School ID: 46005
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
Roseville School
6265 Roseville Gardens
Windsor, Ontario, N8T 3B9
Phone: 519-944-3611
Fax: 519-944-3973
School ID: 46001
Last Updated: 04-23-2022
St. Clair College
2000 Talbot Rd W
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6SA
Phone: 1 519 972 2727 x4829
Fax: 1 519 972 2707
School ID: 13926
Last Updated: 10-03-2011
Windsor Essex Catholic Education Centre
1325 California Ave.
Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3Y6
Phone: 519-253-2481
Fax: 519-253-8397
School ID: 46063
Last Updated: 12-08-2011

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*Please note that certain positions require additional qualifications and credentials that are non-negotiable due to specific country legislation.