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AEON Corporation
1-6-1 Bandai Chuoku Niigata-shi
Niigata Bus Center Bldg. 3F
Niigata, Niigata, 950-0088
Phone: 81 25 243 0440
School ID: 20147
Last Updated: 04-14-2009
AEON Corporation
7-914 Nishimaedori Chuoku Niigata-shi
Meiji Yasuda Seimei Niigata Bldg. 8F
Niigata, Niigata, 951-8062
Phone: 81 25 224 8636
School ID: 24101
Last Updated: 04-14-2009
Amity English Schools (Amity Co.,LTD)
3-2-32 Saiwainishi Niigata-shi
Sunny Arms 1F
Niigata, Niigata, 950-0908
Phone: 81 25 245 2400
School ID: 18199
Last Updated: 04-14-2009
Artlingual Institute - Niigata University Campus
Yubinbango950-0087 Niigata Chuo Higashiodori 2-chome, 3-23 Doton
Niigata, Niigata
Phone: 025-248-1154
School ID: 79150
Last Updated: 10-24-2014
James English School
1-1-22 Benten Niigata-shi
Toshi Niigata Bldg. 7F
Niigata, Niigata, 950-0901
Phone: 81 25 244 8850
Fax: 81 25 244 8854
School ID: 3768
Last Updated: 04-14-2009
Shichida Child Academy
7-1097 Honchodori Niigata-shi
Niigata, Niigata, 951-8067
Phone: 81 25 222 5944
Fax: 81 25 222 5944
School ID: 20753
Last Updated: 04-14-2009
Winbe English School
1-6-24 Aoyama Nishiku Niigata-shi
Niigata, Niigata, 950-2002
Phone: 81 252 34 1320
School ID: 12859
Last Updated: 02-06-2011

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*Please note that certain positions require additional qualifications and credentials that are non-negotiable due to specific country legislation.