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Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School
#958 Qinyou Road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225006
Phone: +86 0514 8790 7824
Fax: 51487216247
School ID: 120216
Last Updated: 07-12-2016
Creative Teaching Program (CTP)
112 Wenchang Road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 51487699399
School ID: 94067
Last Updated: 07-16-2015
EET International Education - Jiangsu Yancheng Center
2nd Floor (CCB north side) Tel Yancheng Jiefang
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0515-66697973
School ID: 78992
Last Updated: 10-22-2014
Gymboree - Jiangshu Yangzhou Jinghua
2F, 2008 Jing Hua Living Mall, 168 JingHua City Rd, YangZhou, J
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 8651487962366
School ID: 91405
Last Updated: 06-16-2015
Gymboree - Yancheng Center
Room301, Building14, Dongjin Road, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Provin
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 224000
Phone: 86 515 83090111, 86 515 83068019
School ID: 92216
Last Updated: 06-23-2015
International Cultural Exchange Centre of Yangzhou
No.48 West Nantong Road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-8732-9828
School ID: 93245
Last Updated: 07-01-2015
Joy English Language School - YangZhou Branch
Jiangsu Province No Sik Vanke City of Charm City Youth Center Va
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 66880980
School ID: 113477
Last Updated: 03-15-2016
Kid Castle - Bilingual Art Kindergarten
Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou Guangling
small ternary Lane on the 8th
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-87343680
School ID: 77763
Last Updated: 09-25-2014
Kid Castle - Hanall Kindergarten
Hanjiang, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
Yun Yang Road 100 Auburn are Huacheng 19
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-87897971
School ID: 77762
Last Updated: 09-25-2014
Kid Castle - Hanlin Aviva Kindergarten
No. 12, Yangzhou City Guangling Qujiang Road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-87207788
School ID: 77759
Last Updated: 09-25-2014
New Oriental School
Yangzhou Bridge No. 968 East Qin 225,006 routes
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225000
Phone: 0574-87752266/87752828
Fax: 0574-56196807
School ID: 36962
Last Updated: 08-27-2009
Scholastic Early English - Jiangsu Yangzhou
Jinghua City Road on the 18th Jinghua City Rmall Golden Street n
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-82151205
School ID: 138180
Last Updated: 10-13-2017
Shane English School - Modern Plaza
Yangzhou No. 165 Wenhui Road, Modern Plaza, 4th Floor, 19
Yangzhou University
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-87889
School ID: 74648
Last Updated: 08-11-2014
Shane English School - Times Square
Yangzhou Wenchang Middle 6th Floor, No. 537, Times Square
Yangzhou University
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-87338078
School ID: 74650
Last Updated: 08-11-2014
Shane English School - Yangzhou Jiangdu
District No. 136 Longchuan Road Jiangdu Yangzhou City
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0514-86510333
School ID: 74653
Last Updated: 08-11-2014
Washington Cultural Exchange Center - Yangzhou
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 1+(509) 225-9730
School ID: 67329
Last Updated: 08-28-2012
Web International English - Yangzhou
Yangzhou Office
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 0871-3138628
School ID: 77324
Last Updated: 09-15-2014
Yangzhou Global International School
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225002
Phone: +86 0514 85867888
School ID: 72933
Last Updated: 03-22-2014
Yangzhou High School of Jiangsu Province
18# Uhai Road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu
Phone: 87931778
School ID: 113156
Last Updated: 03-13-2016

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