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Boda College
1301 Haifeng Street, Siping
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 86-434-3291018
School ID: 93339
Last Updated: 07-02-2015
Changchun Foreign Languages School
Hongqi Street No. 46
Jilin, Jilin, 130012
Phone: +86 431 8593 6776
School ID: 119702
Last Updated: 07-03-2016
Changchun Teachers College
3 Jichang Highway (North)
Erdao District
Jilin, Jilin, 130032
Phone: 86 (431) 7915263
Fax: 86 (431) 4711779
School ID: 36471
Last Updated: 09-21-2010
Jilin No. 1 High School
No. 155 Song Jiang West Road
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: (+86) 432-64852111
Fax: (+86) 043-24826017
School ID: 90122
Last Updated: 05-31-2015
Joy English Language School - Chaoyang Bridge Branch
Chaoyang District, Changchun City, Changping Street 55 ( south o
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 0431-88564301 / 88567862 0431-8
School ID: 113214
Last Updated: 03-14-2016
Joy English Language School - Diamond Branch
Songyuan City, Jilin Province, Diamond department store 50 meter
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 0438-5025777
School ID: 113205
Last Updated: 03-14-2016
Kenneth's English School
5 th Floor, Annex B, Great Wall Building
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 0432-2454208
School ID: 72775
Last Updated: 03-01-2014
Kennethâs English School
Great Wall Building, 5 th Floor, Annex B
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 0432-2454208
School ID: 118329
Last Updated: 06-15-2016
Talenty English - Jilin
No. 98, Guanghua Road, Chuanying District, Jilin City 132011
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 0432-2057276 2057249
School ID: 67034
Last Updated: 08-21-2012
Talenty School
No. 98, Guanghua Road
Jilin, Jilin, 132011
Phone: 0432-2057276 2057249
School ID: 36473
Last Updated: 08-25-2009
Tip International English
0104 Block 82-3 Taoyuan Road, Lake River Apartment A
Jilin, Jilin
Phone: 13397816897 / 0771--2861897
School ID: 80077
Last Updated: 11-17-2014

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