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Perfect Balance of Work and Play in Costa Rica

- C.S., Astoria, NY

"Teaching in Costa Rica is a blast. The experience of living and teaching abroad has not only allowed me to mature professionally, but I have a newly found appreciation of life. Being immersed in another culture is fascinating, not to mention learning a new language. Teaching in Costa Rica offers the perfect balance of work and play. From the classroom to the beaches, my fellow teachers and I get the best of both worlds. My company's...

Serving a Greater Cause in Korea

- C.H., Missouri City, TX

"I had come to Korea to teach English as a means of saving money and seeking adventure. After the honeymoon period, however, it became easy to fall into the same routines and to go to the same places for entertainment. But in doing so, it also became easy to lose sight of my reason for coming in the first place. It’s only when we continually challenge ourselves by embracing new experiences that we learn more about who we are and....

Chinese Teenagers Are Like Any Other Teenagers in the World

- A.B., Shelton, CT

"Oxford Seminars Program is absolutely fabulous. I use every bit of knowledge that I gained in both the face-to-face classes and the online portion. I remember my instructor with the deepest gratitude almost every day. She said many times that the most important part of teaching was to prepare, prepare, and prepare. And she was right, right, and right again. Oxford Placement Services delivered everything that was in the promotional information and...

'Hanging' with the Locals

- R.A., Brampton, Canada

"What to expect from Oxford Seminars? 1) A very down to earth and intense training course that is a lot of fun and educational. This course will definitely prepare you for teaching English as a Second Language. And 2) Excellent Job Search Advisors who will guide you step by step to find your perfect job. The recruitment process goes a lot smoother when you listen to your advisor. You are in good hands...

Discovering the World of Georgia

- R.B., Scarborough, Canada

"Hello fellow Oxford Seminars graduates! Congratulations on obtaining your TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate! You've gone a long way to get where you are, so take a moment to be proud of yourself. I am 22 years old and I graduated with Oxford in June 2011, with Sujoy Gupta as my instructor. As soon as I graduated I started my Graduate Placement Service, in which I got to review country and school profiles, as well as...

Effortlessly Made a Home in Zhongshan

- M.M., Roosevelt, NY

"I'm in Zhongshan, China! Life is great. Where I live… by Eastern or Western standards, is paradise to me. One rich Chinese developer has taken the mainland and built world class living facilities everywhere. There is golfing and swimming, security at every gate, beautiful red lanterns and we even have our own bus. There are villas and ten story buildings that seem to grow out of these beautiful mountains. There is landscaping for days and a priceless and delicate balance of uber-modern luxury and unspoiled natural beauty...

First Week of Teaching

- V.S., Chicago, IL

"I have just completed my first week of teaching. I introduced myself through pictures, pamphlets and brochures to the students. All the foreign teachers have discovered that we will need to retool our lessons. The students apparently have been placed in our classes due to their college level, not necessarily English ability. We have been collaborating to work out solutions that will benefit our students. Our duties from the school have been to...

Cultivation of Inner Strengths

- J.A., St. Simon, Canada

"I have been preparing myself since September of 2009 to go abroad and teach English. I got my Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate on October 4th but still felt unready to take the challenge of going abroad. I waited and procrastinated until the month of March. Then I took the advice of my friend and contacted the Graduate Placement Service from Oxford Seminars. When I asked my Job Search Advisor to help me out, she...

Clean School, Attentive Students, Welcoming Staff

- S.P., Pittsburgh, PA

"My experience so far here in Thailand has been great. I can honestly say that I have no complaints thus far in the experience. The school is clean, the students are attentive, and the staff is absolutely welcoming and willing to aid in any manner possible. I would like to thank you for such an outstanding job with the placement. Once again, everything is fantastic, and thank you so much for the assistance."

Getting Acclimated to Thai Culture

- M.P., Pittsburgh, PA

"Things are going tremendously well. Steven and I teach in a school that is only a couple of hours south of Bangkok. The teachers within the school have been extremely helpful and accommodating and have gone out of their way to best assist us in our getting acclimated to Thai culture. Things have gone relatively smooth for us thus far. We have begun to find our routine as teachers and much of the anxiety...

Two-Month Teaching Contract in Mexico

- K.F., Boca Raton, FL

"I decided to go teach in Mexico. I liked the fact that I could commit to a very short term of two months, although most teachers go for a longer period. I was surprised by how large and immaculate the school was. The staff is very informal and the fellow teachers are polite and friendly. We write up our lesson plans via a program curriculum, however we have flexibility to be creative with our own ideas. The first night in...

Country Bumpkin Adapting in China

- A.G., Seattle, WA

"Hi Everyone! Lo and behold, it has been over a month since I have arrived in China like a country bumpkin, eyes wide and mouth agape with taking in all the new sights and sounds.  Though I am still nowhere close to being completely proficient in the ways of life in China, it still surprises me what a huge turnaround I have experienced in attempting to adapt. Here are a few tidbits from my experience...

Oxford Helped Me Achieve a Dream

- G.C., Louisville, KY

"Oxford Seminars helped me achieve a dream. After studying Middle East culture and history in a classroom setting in the US, I wanted to live and work in the area for an extended period of time. Thanks to Oxford Seminars, I am living the dream. Oxford's program, teachers and staff helped me in many ways that include gaining my teaching certification, assisting me on putting together an application package, introducing...

Landing a Coveted Dream Job in Japan

- S.A., Calgary, Canada

"Oxford Seminars has been an integral part of my success as an English teacher. After I completed the program, Oxford helped me secure a job within three months! Thanks to my Job Search Advisor’s advice and commitment, I found my dream job in Japan! Not only that, but the company I work for has a reputation for being the best English school in Japan. Without Oxford's guidance, I may not have been so...

Saving Money and Traveling Abroad

- L.A, East Lansing, MI

"Working with the Oxford Seminars Graduate Placement Service was a dream.  All of the staff was helpful in editing my documents and always responded quickly to my emails.  After I told them that I was interested in Korea and Thailand, I received several emails from various recruiters the next day; all of who worked with reputable schools.  I eventually decided on Korea and worked with an amazing recruiter, who found me a great job...

Enjoying the Beauty of Daejeon

- A.J., Austin, TX

"I am enjoying myself here! Daejeon is a beautiful city, and the children are very intelligent and sweet! The school here has been very hospitable and attentive to my needs and I really could not have asked for a better entrance to the world of teaching ESL. I have met up with my job recruiter and am also planning to attend a Christmas party she's holding. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I might even...

Wouldn't Trade this Experience for the World

- A.S., Los Angeles, CA

"I have just completed a one-year contract in South Korea thanks to Oxford Seminars. Teaching has been the best job I have ever had in my life, bar none. I don’t have children of my own but after teaching, I found out there was a part of my heart that I didn’t know that existed. I have not only grown as a person, but as a part of society. I have always loved to travel and when my friend mentioned teaching overseas I laughed, but then found...

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After completing the Oxford Seminars course, I have refined my understanding of what it takes to be an effective teacher of English. - A.K., Portland, OR
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