Frequently Asked Questions: Oxford Seminars' TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course

Can I teach in the US with my certificate?

  • Oxford Seminars' internationally recognized TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course is specifically designed to train teachers for ESL placements abroad. It is important to recognize that a Bachelor of Education is required to teach within most school boards in the United States and that many states have specific requirements that involve in-depth training that is "on par" with an education degree.
  • Private ESL schools in the US assess certification along with experience when considering candidates.
  • The best way for you to find out if you are qualified to teach in the United States is to research the qualifications of the state where you wish to teach to see if you meet those requirements. If you have a particular school that you are interested in, you should inquire at that school regarding their qualifications.
  • For American ESL school contact information, including school websites, email addresses, and phone numbers, visit the United States section of the English Language Schools Directory.
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