Frequently Asked Questions: Acronyms

4.1 There are so many acronyms associated with this industry. What do they signify?

There are so many acronyms associated with this industry. What do they signify?

  • TESL/ESL -
    • Teaching English as a second language/English as a second language.
    • English is the second language of the people you are teaching. English is spoken in the country where you are teaching (i.e., you are teaching in English in Britain).
  • TEFL -
    • Teaching English as a foreign language.
    • English is taught as a foreign language to people who live in a country where English is not spoken (i.e., teaching English in Brazil).
  • TESOL -
    • Teaching English to speakers of other languages.
    • This is a North American term that covers both EFL and ESL instruction. It is also the name of a teachers` association.
  • ESP -
    • English for specific purposes.
    • This term refers to the focused learning of topics ranging from business English to TOEFL. Oxford Seminars offers specialization modules on these topics.
  • TOEFL -
    • Test of English as a foreign language.
    • This is an academic based standardized test given to English language learners. A high score on this test is required for entry into most American colleges and universities to ensure that a foreign student is competent and fluent in English.
  • TOEIC -
    • Test of English for international communication. This is a standardized test required in many international work places. It focuses on vocabulary and communication skills.

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